Apr 17, 2011

Magnum Ice Cream

last Saturday, bf and I went to Grand Indonesia, wanting to try the famous Magnum Cafe.. however, that place was so crowded and the queue made us loose our appetite.. so to fulfill our crave, we decided to go to Food Hall and buy ourselves a couple of Magnum Ice Cream (Rp10,500 each).. I decided to pick almond while bf picked chocolate truffle.. you know, there's something that's really appealing people about this Magnum thing.. I've never seen such enthusiasm for an ice cream.. well, they did a great marketing, eh? haha.. I'm one of the victim..

okay, so the first line of the picture above is my almond magnum.. it's a vanilla ice cream inside with milk chocolate and almond coating.. I LOVE IT.. it's sweet and nice.. the almond is a great company for the ice cream.. in my opinion, the chocolate coating here is sweeter than that in classic one.. I think it's a brilliant combination.. I may not being objective here.. but I truly fell in love with it.. thanks anyone who created it.. bf's chocolate truffle magnum is a chocolate base ice cream with rather dark chocolate coating.. I don't fancy this.. even the classic one is better in my opinion.. I would conclude that magnum's best is their vanilla ice cream.. anyway, so here's what's left of our beloved magnum.. I love you, oh dear Magnum..


  1. iya nih, sampai sekarang belum kesampaian buat pegi magnum cafe, tapi itu di magnum cafe bisa beli es krimnya yg freshly made untuk di take away kok, jadi tinggal pilih eskrimnya mau yg vanilla/ coklat, trus mau dipakein coklat apa, ama mau topping apa (kacang2an, sereal dll), nanti langsung dicelupin ke coklat meleleh and toppingnya ama orgnya. I also love the almond one, milk chocolatenya langsung meleleh dimulut :)

  2. hahaha.. jadi ngiler lagi deehh.. iya nih, ramenya di luar batas kewajaran.. perhaps kalo weekdays lebih sepi kali ya? haha..

  3. ga juga sih, sempat pas weekdays antrian juga lumayan panjang, apalgi klo jumat malam T_T

  4. yaaahhh :( so sad.. Magnum Cafe itu pop-up cafe kan? means cuma da 3 bulan ya kalo ga salah.. ya jd nyesel ga nyoba pas awal2 buka :( hiks

  5. aku demen magnum jugaa...hehehe...blogwalking nyasar sini. Salam kenal dulu yaaak.

    Our favorite (hubby n me) is the truffle. Udah coba rasa2 lain, tapi ga ada yg sedahsyat truffle (lebay)...
    Magnum kan rata2 harganya 9000-10.000 ya, nah pas ke Lotte wholemart eh harganya cuma 7500an termasuk PPN. Huaah... Sayangnya ga ada si truffle waktu itu. Terpaksa settle with classic lalu other time strawberry. Strawberrynya ga nendang, sausnya ga berasa sama sekali. Truffle is the best deh ;)



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