Apr 18, 2011


last Sunday, I had a dinner date with my best friend.. actually, we planned to eat somewhere near our house.. but our neighborhood was quite crowded at the time we went out for dinner.. so he suggested to go to Kemangi, located in Puri Indah area.. I was quite hungry, so I just said yes haha.. it was quite full by the time we arrived at Kemangi, well it's dinner time by the way.. the restaurant is dominated in wooden furniture.. it has no air conditioner, so we can enjoy the wind.. Kemangi was actually run by the owner of Hay Thien, a nearby shabu-shabu restaurant, so if Hay Thien was full, customers can sit in Kemangi and still get their Hay Thien menu.. so there's kinda mixed up customers here at Kemangi.. we were asked which menu we like to order once we were seated.. Kemangi offers variety of Indonesian and fusion food.. my friend said that their nasi lemak is great.. but I was eager to try their chicken porridge since it was dinner and I'm on diet (haha!!) while he picked their siomay Bandung.. 

his order came first, since it was ready to serve.. I tried a bit of it and I think it was really good.. definitely one of the best siomay I've ever tried.. it's yummy.. gonna come back for more.. oh and it has a reasonable price for siomay (Rp3,000 each) and tofu siomay (Rp4,000 each).. you can mix your order with other types of siomay.. yummyy...

my chicken porridge took a while to arrive at our table.. it was Rp20,000 per portion consisted of a big bowl of chicken porridge and a separate plate of ati ampela satayfried fritters and crackers.. I like it, though it was not too special.. maybe I was hungry that every food coming to my mouth is just delicious haha.. I heard that they have great nasi lemak.. I think I should try that one some other time..

not enough.. well, hungry me and greedy him made us order a cup of dessert to share.. we decided to pick Ice Kemangi (Rp12,000) which consisted of avocado, jackfruit, coconut and green peas.. topped with crushed ice and milk.. it's too sweet for my liking, but I think it's a great idea to put green peas inside.. I love green peas :) 

Overall, I think my dinner was just an ordinary dinner, except for my friend's siomay.. I think next time I'll try their nasi lemak and siomay.. hahaha..

Jl. Puri Indah Blok A No.6
West Jakarta
Ph.: 6221-580 2595


  1. klo kemangi, musti cobain paket nasi lemaknya, paketnya uda ada sup (sup iga sapi, ato sayur asam), nasi lemak (dg kacang, telur, teri klo ga salah), ama 1pilihan daging (biasanya kita pesan yg ayam cabee enakkk bgt and empal) :)

  2. haha.. okay.. next time pasti nyoba si nasi lemak.. kmaren takut kekenyangan sii :D thanks for the info yaaahhhhh :)



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