Apr 19, 2011

Ayam Taliwang Lima Rasa

I am a big fan of chili.. I love almost any kind of food with chili in it haha.. one of Indonesian area famous for their spicy cuisine is Lombok, an island located in Nusa Tenggara Barat.. it became obvious that the island name itself literally means chili.. near my office, there's a restaurant serving Lombok cuisine with specialty of ayam taliwang..  actually the restaurant has no name, they prefer to introduce themselves using their menu as Ayam Taliwang Lima Rasa Khas Lombok (Five Flavors Taliwang Chicken a la Lombok).. this restaurant was quite famous among my colleagues and I've tried it before and like it so much.. so last Sunday, I took my mom and bf to have a lunch here.. just for the record, my mom is also a big fan of chili.. well, it runs in the family :D

once we arrived, we were given the menu book.. basically they don't have too much variety in their menu.. instead, they focused themselves in their strength, which was taliwang chicken.. here, taliwang chicken is available in a package consisted of rice, chicken and side dish which can be choose between plecing kangkung, corn patty, soybean patty, fried tofu, etc.. once you pick your package, you can choose your own choice of spiciness level, from manis taliwang, sedang, pedas, pedas sekali or super pedas (taliwang sweet, medium, spicy, very spicy or super spicy).. better be careful since you'll have to be responsible for your own choice haha.. anyway, it's called taliwang chicken because it was originated from Karang Taliwang village in Lombok..

the three of us ordered two portions of taliwang chicken package with plecing kangkung (Rp31,000 each), one portion of taliwang chicken package with corn patty (Rp27,000) and a portion of corn patty (consisted of two pieces per portion - Rp10,000) and tea (Rp3,500 each).. we picked spicy for all of our taliwang chicken.. just for your information, taliwang chicken is usually served as half of chicken, so you'll get a set of chicken breast and chicken thigh.. they usually serve pejantan chicken which was not too big in size.. 

here's the plecing kangkung which is boiled kangkung served with chili (of course, at your spiciness level), long beans, bean sprout and ground nuts.. I love it.. to be honest, I'm not a big fan of vegetables, but I totally fell in love for this dish.. be careful when eating this since your stomach may protest you afterwards.. this is the best companion for taliwang chicken..  appetizing, eh? *drool*

then comes our beloved corn patties.. I always love corn patty.. and this one is definitely one of the best.. it's crispy and crunchy and huge.. even my mom praised it.. that's how good this corn patty is.. I would say that I won't get bored eating taliwang chicken + plecing kangkung + corn patty + warm rice everyday hahaha.. if only my stomach can handle the chili.. 

are we satisfied yet? well, next to Ayam Taliwang, there's a Palembang restaurant and my colleagues usually ordered Iced Red Bean (Es Kacang Merah - Rp17,500) for dessert.. just to cool down our mouth after a spicy meal.. so last Sunday, I seduced my mom to order one portion of it for a shared dessert.. it's came in a huge portion, enough to be shared for the three of us.. and it was refreshing, though it was too sweet for my liking.. overall, I had a great meal in a very affordable price.. surely, will come back for more :D

Ayam Taliwang Lima Rasa Khas Lombok
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio no. 18, Karet, Jakarta
Ph.: 6221 5290 7280 (available for delivery service)

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