Apr 27, 2011

[Surabaya] Pasar Atom

last long week-end, my mom and I had a little vacation to Surabaya, where my aunt lives.. we took Lion Air on a 7 a.m flight and reached Surabaya around 9 a.m.. got picked by my aunt & uncle then headed right to their house in Pakuwon Area (West Surabaya).. after we finished unpacked our stuffs, my aunt directly took us to take a look at Surabaya.. 

our first stop was Pasar Atom, which was located in East Surabaya.. well, Pasar Atom is one of the oldest market in Surabaya which was opened around year 1972.. now, there's Pasar Atom and the newer Pasar Atom Mall.. in my opinion, it's similar to Jakarta's ITC and Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua, dominated by fashion stores and jewelry stores.. we had our lunch there and decided to try the food court..

Nasi Empal Udang Bu Rudy - Rp14,000
first, we ordered Nasi Empal Udang Bu Rudy (rice with fried beef chunks and shrimp a la Mrs. Rudy).. it was served with a piece of cucumber, grated coconut and their special chili.. I think the shrimp and chili a la Bu Rudy has been the most wanted culinary gift from Surabaya.. once I mentioned that I was going to Surabaya, then my friends started to order the shrimp and chili haha.. the meal is satisfying, with such an affordable price, you'll get a generous meat and shrimps.. on top of my list would be chili, it's spicy and appetizing haha.. the meat is tender and not bland, makes a perfect combination when eaten with chili and warm rice :) I guess the small stall of Bu Rudy has proved the reason of their popularity and I think they deserve it..

Lontong Mie (Rp15,000) & Sate Kerang (Rp1,000 each)
next, we ordered Lontong Mie with Sate Kerang.. Lontong Mie consisted of yellow noodle, rice cake, bean sprouts and poured with soybean broth and petis (shrimp paste).. I think it has an authentic taste that you may not find in other area.. I love it.. it's sweet enough and very fulfilling.. I, especially fell in love with sate kerang (clam satay) which was much more than I expected.. I thought it was gonna be fishy, but apparently it is not.. for Surabaya people, lontong mie is always best eaten with some sate kerang..

Rujak Cingur (Rp16,000)
our stomach still wants more, so we ordered Rujak Cingur.. it's one of Surabaya special cuisine.. "cingur" literally means cow's mouth.. rujak cingur usually consisted of cingur, cucumber, rice cake, fried tofu, soybean patty, bean sprouts and kangkung then served with peanut sauce and petis.. the taste of petis was just too strong for me.. I actually liked it, but can't eat too much of the peanut sauce.. I think this one is just okay, since Surabaya has a better place serving rujak cingur.. 

in Pasar Atom, you can have endless culinary journey.. our stomach were full after eating those three menus but Pasar Atom still have treasure which can't be missed.. it's the famous Cakue Peneleh (Peneleh fritters) for the price of Rp35,000 per 10 pieces.. the special thing about the Peneleh is the shrimp-chicken filled fritters.. I LOVE IT.. best food found in Pasar Atom :D it's crunchy and you can taste the shrimp, goes really well with the home-made tomato sauce.. it's a delightful snack and you just can't stop eating though your stomach is full haha.. we ended up bought four boxes of half-raw fritters to Jakarta..
Cakue Peneleh (Rp35,000)
Food Court Pasar Atom
Old Pasar Atom 4th Floor
Jl. Bunguran 45, Surabaya
Ph.: 6231-355 1995

Cakue Peneleh
Old Pasar Atom Ground Floor
Ph.: 6231-7099 1778


  1. WOW! I just knew Pasar Atum has an official website!

  2. haha.. iya gw jg baru tau pas search complete address dr pasar atom :D



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