Apr 30, 2011

[Surabaya] X.O Chinese Cuisine

in Surabaya, I had the chance to visit X.O Chinese Cuisine.. it's a well-known Chinese restaurant in Surabaya and is one group with X.O Suki.. actually X.O Suki & Cuisine has arrived in Jakarta, but I have only tried the X.O Suki here.. X.O Group was established on 2005 in Surabaya bringing three kinds of cuisine, including suki (steamboat), Chinese food and dim sum.. just a note, it's a treat from my aunt so I don't know the price of below menu or the exact name haha.. well, let the pictures parade :D

thousands year tofu
sauteed beans with minced beef
sweet & sour fish
i fu mie with mixed seafood
marinated pork ribs
chrysanthemum tea 

in Surabaya, it's quite common for restaurants serving non-halal food located in malls, unlike Jakarta.. in my opinion, the best menu of the night is marinated pork ribs.. the pork is juicy and tender.. I love the sauce which goes perfectly with the pork ribs.. below the pork would be sweet & sour fish and i fu mie.. the sweet & sour fish is rather different than those I used to find in Jakarta, the fish is crunchy and I just love the sesame.. the sweet & sour sauce was not overpowering, just gave a nice flavor to the already-delicious fish :) the i fu mie also gave another different experience, again, it's unlike those I find here in Jakarta, I think the bottom line is the sauce is not overpowering the main dishes, which makes it really nice in my tongue :) unfortunately, other menus were just ordinary and I've tasted many other restaurants serves better.. luckily we have a "buy-one-get-one" promo with BCA credit card which just makes our dinner perfect haha.. *price does matter*

X.O Chinese Cuisine
Plaza Tunjungan IV, LG 08-09
Jl. Basuki Rahmat 8-12, Surabaya
Ph.: 6231-548 0542

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