Jun 7, 2011

[Bali] Cafe Seminyak

another must-try list around Seminyak from my friend is Cafe Seminyak.. it's strategically located in the main road of Seminyak area.. the restaurant is  decorated in a grandma style living room.. it's an open-air restaurant surrounded by trees, which I thought supposed to give a homey feeling.. but in my opinion, made the restaurant rather hidden.. it's a luck for us to find that restaurant since their huge banner accidentally caught my eyes.. 

the restaurant offers various menu, including breakfast menu, Indonesian menu, sandwiches, Mediteranian menu, desserts and pastries.. we spent quite a while looking at the menu before deciding what to order haha..

we were still amazed by Made's Warung's lemon juice.. so we decided to order two glasses of Lime Juice (Rp17,000).. turned out that the one served in Made's Warung is better.. this one is rather too sweet.. I thought the idea of lime juice is giving a sour, refreshing taste, instead of mostly-sweet-than-sour taste haha.. 
then came our free bread.. it consisted of two small pieces of French bread, though there were three of us.. I guess the amount of free bread is based on the amount of main courses ordered, not the visistors.. luckily, we were not too hungry, so we didn't mind at all..

our first main course came.. Smoked Marlin Salad (Rp39,000).. it does look very appetizing, rite? lettuce leaves topped with feta cheese and olives then surrounded by smoked marlin.. complete that with lime juice and olive oil, voila.. you got yourself a very nice and healthy dinner :) I love this dish so much, though I haven't tried something like this before.. the cheese is really good, especially combined with the smoked marlin.. you'll get a nice hint of sour from the lime juice which just made the whole dish perfect.. fyi, the dish is part of Mediteranian menu, I think that's why I wanted to visit Greek instantly after I finished eating hahaha.. 

then came our Chicken Mushroom Bechamel French Crepe (Rp35,000).. I was quite confused by the name of the dish haha.. so basically, it's a thin crepe a la French filled with creamy, cheesy chicken and mushroom.. okay, you can start drooling, because this dish is really nice.. I love it.. the creamy sauce didn't make you go "eugh" after eating it.. on the other hand, it just make the dish really appealing to me.. and I just can't stop digging until it was finished.. wait, or that just because I was greedy? haha.. anyway, it's a nice dish 

overall, I think they served outstanding menus with great taste.. too bad the service and place was not too satisfying.. but I think I'll be back (if I have the chance to go to Bali again, oh dear God, please listen to my prayers :P) for their food :)

Cafe Seminyak
Jl. Seminyak 17, Kuta, Bali
Ph.: +62361 736 967

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