Jun 4, 2011

[Bali] Made's Warung

our second day in Bali had been really hectic, such a packed schedule, that we got really tired at the end of the day.. we decided to look for something near our hotel for dinner, and my friend told me if you're staying around Seminyak, you have to try Made's Warung.. after I searched for some reviews, we decided to try it.. anyway, this restaurant was established in 1969, such a long history for a restaurant..

the restaurant is easily noticed by a lot of funny statues in front of it.. inside, you can find not only restaurant, but also some famous Indonesian designers' stores.. the decoration of the restaurant itself is really nice.. it's an open-air restaurant with ethnic, wooden furniture.. it gave a feeling that we're in some old friend's house.. every night, there's a different show performed in the middle of the restaurant.. when I visited it, it was traditional Balinese dance performed by young children, which I think was  such a good way to introduce Bali's rich culture.. I love the open-air concept, though after a while, my feet was bitten by mosquitoes..

we quickly went through the menu, though I already have something in mind.. my brother was so hungry, so I suggested him to eat something with a big portion, and he agreed to order Nasi Campur Spesial - special mixed rice (Rp60,000).. in Made's Warung website, it was one of the Top 20 dishes of the restaurant.. it consisted of rice, topped with various vegetables, chicken, fish, tofu, chili sauce, prawns and shrimps.. I can't even name each dishes way of cooking.. all of it were very rich and tasty.. yum yum..

my mom and I decided to share something, and we order Nasi Campur 1/2 + Gado-gado 1/2 - half of mixed rice with half of mixed vegetables in peanut sauce (Rp40,000).. in case you're wondering, yes, somewhere under those vegetables and various dishes, there's a small portion of rice :) it was delicious, as well.. we liked it so much.. the peanut sauce was not too sweet and all the side dishes were a perfect harmony for my tongue.. let me remember, I think there's balado tofu.. some beef rendang.. okay, I gave up, I don't think I know each name of those dishes :P

for drinks, my brother picked Lemon Juice (Rp15,000) while I picked Strawberry Juice (Rp15,000).. the lemon juice was really nice and refreshing.. while the strawberry juice was a bit to sweet for me.. I forgot not to ask for no sugar added haha.. 

overall, I think we had a satisfying dinner, a nice and warm place plus some great stuffs by Indonesian designers to be seen :) oh, and the price stated here is net of tax.. 

Made's Warung
Br. Seminyak, Kuta, Bali
Ph.: 62361 732 130

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