May 31, 2011

[Bali] Warung Bakas Sari Dewata

our second day in Bali schedule is to visit Nusa Dua beach, Dreamland beach and Garuda Wisnu Kencana.. Bali was hot as ever, a nice weather if you want to experience the real Bali.. my mom and I kept retouching our sunblock since we were afraid to get tanned haha.. since we were in Bali, my brother wanted to try Bali's famous dish, babi guling (suckling pig).. actually I wanted to try Bu Oka's suckling pig, however our driver said that Bu Oka's suckling pig is no longer delicious, he then recommended us this small warung on our way to after visiting Nusa Dua beach, Warung Bakas Sari Dewata..

the warung's menu was not various.. it offers mainly suckling pig.. I ordered Babi Guling Campur - mixed suckling pig (Rp40,000), consisted of suckling pig, pork satay, pork skin crackers, stir-fried string beans and lawar.. a full set of almost all menu offers haha.. 
Babi Guling Campur(Mixed Suckling Pig)
my brother ordered Babi Guling Istimewa - special suckling pig (Rp40,000), consisted of only suckling pigs.. actually, once his order came, he was a bit disappointed :) 
Babi Guling Istimewa (Special Suckling Pig)
my mom doesn't like suckling pig, so she ordered ayam betutu - betutu style chicken (Rp40,000) which consisted of a quarter of chicken with stir-fried string beans and fried nuts..
Betutu Chiken

the suckling pig and betutu chicken tasted just okay for me.. they were too oily for my tongue.. I was a bit disappointed and still wanted to try Bu Oka's.. probably save it for my next visit to Bali :P luckily, they provided sambal, which was the best part of the meal.. chopped chili mixed with oil and fried onions.. it was really great :) we even have to ask for more sambal..
oh, we also added veggies, again, to balance those oil we have eaten.. we were interested in lawar, which was Balinese special dish.. lawar is mixed veggies, unripe jack-fruit and grated coconut cooked with complete Balinese seasoning then poured with fried peanuts.. it was the sambal's competitor  haha.. I love their lawar so much and it was the first dish to be finished haha..

Warung Bakas Sari Dewata
Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai
Mumbul Nusa Dua, Bali
Ph.: 62361 777 142

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