May 30, 2011

[Bali] Cafe Moka

since our hotel is located in an alley right next to Cafe Moka in Seminyak, of course it's a must to try it.. I have read the good reviews about this eatery in DetikFood and JenzCorner, so I was quite interested.. the interior of this small eatery is very nice and comfortable.. it's casual and calm yet very warm and welcoming :) it was not too crowded when we arrived.. anyway, I also find this restaurant really good that we had two breakfasts here :D

for our first breakfast, we actually intended to order Earl Grey Tea (Rp13,000) to share.. however, the waiter mistakenly gave us Chamomile Tea (Rp13,000).. so on our second visit, we ordered Earl Grey Tea (Rp13,000) to share and asked them not to make other mistake hehe.. I always love chamomile tea, especially from Twinings.. it tasted nice and soft, a perfect companion for my kind of breakfast.. my mom and bro prefers earl grey though, it tasted a little stronger with a hint of mint flavor.. 

Earl Grey Tea - Chamomile Tea

once we placed our ordered, came a bucket of free bread (YAY!).. it consisted of slices of French bread and wheat bread, accompanied with strawberry jam and butter.. we asked for olive oil and balsamic vinegar, since we prefer salt to sweet :) the bread were warm and fresh, I love the wheat bread so much..
free bread

our first breakfast.. since it was a brunch and we were looking for something light, we decided to order Sheppard Pie (Rp40,000) and Bacon & Onion Quiche (Rp23,000) to share.. Sheppard Pie, also known as hachis parmentier in French, is meat pie topped with mashed potato and baked cheese.. I found this dish was very delicious.. the meat was well seasoned and tasted really well in my tongue.. however, since it was mashed potato, it left an eneg feeling after we finished eating..
Sheppard Pie
next come our bacon & onion quiche.. it does look very appetizing.. and the taste didn't disappoint us.. it offered a very generous filling thus very fulfilling.. it consisted of quiche filled with cheese, bacon and caramelized onion, which was a very nice combination.. I really love it.. a very satisfying breakfast :)
bacon & onion quiche

since our first breakfast was so satisfying and there's plenty more menu waiting to be tried, on our last day, we decided to have another breakfast there.. from our first visit, my brother was really curious about their gratins.. and I was so attracted to their croissants.. so on our second visit, we decided to order Pasta Gratin (Rp45,000) and Ham & Cheese Croissant (Rp23,000)..

gratin is actually a cooking technique in which ingredients is topped with bread crumbs, grated cheese, egg and/or butter.. but our pasta gratin seemed to be topped with grated cheese and baked to oven.. it was filled with fusilli pasta, cream and chicken.. and it was the best dish from Cafe Moka.. it was even better than their sheppard pie.. I instantly fell in love..
pasta gratin

our ham & cheese croissant came a little late and it was overcooked that we had to asked the waiter for a new one.. luckily, she understood and gave us the new one.. it was huge and the ham was so generous.. however, I don't really fancy the croissant.. it was more of a bread than a croissant to my tongue.. maybe I should stick to their gratins :) and Cafe Moka also offers variety of cakes and pies, but unfortunately, we didn't get the chance to try it.. so I promise I'll be back soon..

ham & cheese croissant

Cafe Moka
Jl. Raya Seminyak, Kuta
Ph.: 6231 731 424

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