Jun 29, 2011

[Singapore] MOF @ My Izakaya

MOF actually stands for Ministry Of Food.. it was established in Singapore in 2006 and opened its first outlet in Marina Square.. the "My Izakaya" is a concept introduced to bring mass culture Japanese cuisine to Singapore to greater heights, creating a healthy, wholesome and charming dining experience (you can tell that I'm copying from the website :P).. MOF actually has opened its branch in Indonesia, located in Plaza Indonesia.. 

our flight to Singapore was on 6.30 a.m Indonesian time, thus my stomach was empty when we arrived around 10.00 a.m Singapore time.. I didn't have my breakfast, so I was so hungry after we finished checking in at our hotel.. due to the urge to eat (my stomach was screaming back then), we decided to have our first lunch at Marina Square (a shopping mall located right underneath our hotel), and my brother suggested MOF..

once we were seated, I noted that there's a cute tea pot with matching cups on each table.. the waiter asked us whether we wanted tea then filled in the cup and light the small fireplace underneath to keep the tea warm.. I really love the green tea.. it's very light and not bitter at all until we finished the whole pot.. my brother said it was made from green tea powder and he actually expected something more.. nevertheless, I still love it :)

off to the food.. we were really hungry but then remembering the size of our stomach, my mom and I decided to share a set, so the short holiday won't break our diet *cough cough* haha.. Beef Curry Hot Plate & Seafood Moyashi Itame Set (SGD18.60) was our choice.. it was a set of sliced beef in Japanese curry and stir-fried seafood with mixed vegetables, served with rice and a bowl of miso soup.. in my personal opinion, I like Japanese curry better than Indian curry, since the ingredients was light and not overpowering the fillings.. 

I would say that the curry was the best part of the dish.. it's really delicious and light.. the curry is filled generously with sliced beef, carrots and onions.. the sliced beef was really tender.. moreover, the rice itself was delicious.. on the other hand, seafood moyashi was just ordinary and standard.. it was rather tasteless to my tongue.. another plus point, you will get a complimentary voucher for a cup of tea/coffee if you order any set menu.. I love compliments haha..

my brother picked Cold Soba & Mini Unagi Don Set (SGD15.80) which consisted of a small bowl of unagi on top of hot Japanese rice and a huge bowl of soba then served with miso soup... soba is actually Japanese thin noodle served chilled with a dipping sauce, called soba tsuyu (made from sweetened soy sauce and mirin).. to my surprise, the soba is actually served with ice cubes all over to ensure that the soba is kept cold during our eating time.. underneath it was a filter so the melted ice cubes won't ruin the whole soba taste.. 

so how to eat it? well, first mix the soba tsuyu with wasabi according to your liking, then pick a small swirl of soba and dip it to the tsuyu.. it was my first time trying soba and guess what? I love it.. it was really unique and rich in taste, though at first, I found it rather weird to eat cold noodles.. most Japanese people think it's better to eat soba cold than to eat soba soaked in broth, since it would ruin the texture of soba itself..

you haven't officially visit MOF if you didn't try their dessert.. this restaurant is quite famous for their delicious and healthy Japanese dessert.. my brother suggested us to pick Mini Macha Zen Combo Set (SGD8.80).. it was described as Hokkaido red bean paste with low-fat (yay!) Japanese green tea gelato and Japanese dumpling, served with Japanese mochi and soy bean powder..

the low-fat (I'm happy about it, so I'm writing it over and over again haha) green tea gelato was really nice and light.. it's not too sweet so it balanced the sweet red bean paste.. the Japanese dumpling (those white, chewy glutinous rice balls) was just ordinary, but it kinda completes the whole bowl of it.. MOF's Japanese mochi (rice cake) is rather different in shape than mochi I usually knew.. it's crunchy outside while soft inside, perfectly suited the sauce and soy bean powder.. 

overall, I'm satisfied with MOF.. good food, good place and good service.. what could be better? I supposed, cheaper price will complete the whole package? haha.. in addition to above prices, we were charged with additional tax and service, which kinda make the whole meal rather pricey.. I can't wait to try it in their Indonesian branch :)

MOF @ My Izakaya
Marina Square #02-138E (Centerstage)
6 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039594
Ph.: 65 6334 2202

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