Jul 1, 2011

[Singapore] S$1 Ice Cream @ Orchard Road

I supposed that it is one of the most popular dessert from Singapore? I'm talking about the S$1 ice cream which can be found along the famous Orchard Road.. 

as it was one hot, sunny afternoon in Orchard Road, added by the adrenaline rush seeing "Sale" and "Discount" tags in almost every store along the Orchard Road, I decided to treat myself something sweet and cold.. just when I needed, I spotted a middle-aged aunty selling the S$1 ice cream right across the street in front of ION.. her motorcycle-turned-to-stall was quite crowded when I came.. 

a selection of ice-cream flavors including chocolate, strawberry, durian and coffee were available along with selection of bread, wafer and cup as companion.. since I'm a coffee addict and looking for something light, I decided to pick coffee ice cream with wafer.. once aunty got my order, she brought out a big ice cream bar (it was written Wall's on the box) from the freezer.. it was cut in a size of soap bar then slipped between two wafer stick and wrapped with a piece of plastic.. she handed me my ice cream and said "one dollar" in a Singaporean English accent, which I barely understood haha.. luckily I got my brother to translate and pay it for me haha..

so there it was, a cheap and refreshing afternoon snack.. it tasted really delicious despite the cheap price.. I remember when I visited Singapore back in around 1996, it was priced the same S$1.. I supposed no inflation effect on the ice cream? haha.. ups, sorry I mentioned economic terms.. anyway, it's still a little nice gem we could found in the hectic and expensive Orchard road..


  1. g juga sukaaa ice cream rasa kopiiii :)

  2. Love the macro photo, can see the details of the ice cream melting. yummmm

  3. @anak jajan: hehe.. emang kopi enak dibuat apa aja.. (coffee addict haha)..
    @Rubs: aawww.. such a nice compliment :) I'm honored.. padahal saya kan amatir sekali dalam hal foto-memfoto :D



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