Jul 2, 2011

[Singapore] Tony Roma's

let me remind you again, that the purpose of our short Singapore trip was to celebrate mom's birthday.. so on June 17, 2011,we asked her to go out on a dinner.. though my mom didn't usually have dinners, we dragged her still haha.. she had heard about the famous Tony Roma's in Jakarta but haven't had the chance to visit.. I knew it, so my brother and I decided to treat her dinner here.. 

we visited the one located in Suntec City Mall, since it was right next to our hotel.. we arrived around 7.30 p.m Singapore time and there was a line there *sigh*.. I don't usually see a queue in Tony Roma's Jakarta.. my conclusion was Singaporean people didn't have enough restaurant and place to visit, so almost every restaurant is crowded during eating time haha.. luckily it only took us 15 minutes of waiting and we got our table..

my mom said that this is the best dish of the night haha.. it was Caesar Salad (SGD10.90), a huge bowl of Romaine lettuce with tomato cherries and bread crumbs topped with shredded parmesan cheese and house special Caesar dressing.. I have to say that it was really good.. the sauce was quite sour but went really well with the lettuce, it refreshing and really appetizing.. 

then came Onion Loaf - Full Loaf (SGD13.90), deep-fried onion rings shaped like a bowl served with BBQ Mayo sauce.. again, it came in a huge portion, typical American style restaurant.. it was good, as usual, and a little crispier than those I had in Jakarta.. the sauce is as good as I remember and the whole dish was great.. if only I didn't have my diet, I would eat more of it haha.. oh, and since tap water is drinkable in Singapore, we can order refillable iced water for free.. yay for free items :D

my best dish of the night would be The Original Baby Back Ribs - Full Slab (SGD34.90).. anyway, just for your information, all the dishes mentioned here were share, so I didn't eat the whole portion (before you think that I'm such a big eater).. since the baked potato were sold out, we decided to pick mashed potato and coleslaw as our side dish.. the ribs is as good as ever.. it was juicy and tender, accompanied nicely by a spicy-sweet BBQ sauce.. I love their mashed potato since it was topped with melted cheese and bacon bits.. unfortunately, the cole slaw was too sweet and was not our favorite.. 

those three dishes were finished and we handed the empty plates to the waiter with a full stomach haha.. no wonder my diet didn't work :( a nice birthday dinner, mom said.. and that simple phrase really warmed my heart :) overall, great foods shared with family, through laughter and small talks really made my night.. the total billed charged was around SGD70 something, which means the total tax and service was around SGD10!!! pricey Singapore..

Tony Roma's
3 Temasek Boulevard #B1-007
Suntec City Mall
Singapore 038983
Ph.: 65 6337 9055

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