Jul 3, 2011

[Singapore] Toast Box

finding a place for breakfast in Singapore is surely not a big deal.. many restaurants provide breakfast here, including those fast food restaurants and bakeries.. a friend told me that Singaporean were big fans of breakfast.. no wonder, almost every restaurant opened early in the morning..

my mom and I were looking for a nearby restaurant for our breakfast.. we decided to walk a little bit further from Marina Square and found a little white stall in Citylink Mall, named Toast Box.. I actually have read about this restaurant from inijie and my brother told me that they serve good Singaporean laksa.. 

Toast Box is actually managed by the same group of Bread Talk.. the small restaurant was dominated in white, wooden furniture.. it is simple but very welcoming and comfy, in my opinion.. it was around 9 a.m when we came and the place was not crowded.. first, we have to make our order and payment at the cashier.. our orders then were prepared freshly and delivered to our table.. 

our order included Laksa and Barley Drink Set (SGD5.50), Kaya Traditional Toast (SGD1.40) and Kopi C (SGD1.50).. I think it was my first time trying barley drink, but I like it.. it's actually made from barley seeds, which shape similar to rice seeds.. it tasted refreshing, and from what I read, it's good for soothing our body.. my mom's kopi c was also nice, well, at least my mom liked it.. fyi, in Singapore, kopi c means hot coffee with evaporated milk.. I was quite confused about the coffee terms there, but I think Wikipedia has helped me a lot to understand.. 

not long after our drinks came, my laksa came.. it came in a huge bowl, with an appetizing red-orange soup.. it was one big portion of laksa, especially for breakfast, but since I shared it with mom, I found it was just the right portion.. 

the laksa consisted of shrimps, tofu and fish sticks on top of rice noodles in a coconut-based curry soup.. here, the rice noodles was cut into smaller pieces, which was known as locupan in Indonesia.. I found that this smaller pieces of rice noodles was intended so that the whole dish can be eaten using spoon only (without chopsticks or fork).. 

back to the taste, it was delicious, just as good as it looked.. the soup was hot and really nice.. even my mom, who first thought it was rather weird having laksa for breakfast, couldn't stop eating until we finished the whole bowl haha.. the rice noodle texture was nice and not overcooked..

what's the point of going to Singapore without trying their traditional dish of kaya toast? to complete our breakfast, I insisted to have kaya toast.. Toast Box's kaya toast was freshly baked, which made it warm when it reached our table.. crunchy toast, not-too-sweet, generous kaya jam plus melted butter.. it was a little bit of heaven haha.. it was really delicious and matched my tongue really well.. I can't compare it to the famous Ya Kun Kaya Toast, since it's been a while since I had meal there.. but I can say that kaya toast served in Toast Box was one of the best I have ever had.. too much you think? not if you have tasted it :)

Toast Box
Citylink Mall
1 Raffles Link #B1-04
Singapore 039393

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