Jul 4, 2011

[Singapore] Ikea Restaurant

Ikea must be one of the most popular furniture store in the world.. lucky for Singapore, Ikea has opened two branches, with a unique design and affordable price, no wonder Ikea was always busy.. I wonder when they'll open a store in Jakarta haha.. other than selling furniture, Ikea also have restaurant, serving mainly Swedish food, their county origin..

on our short visit to Singapore, my brother insisted us to eat there, since my mom had never been there before.. it was one crowded Saturday afternoon in Ikea.. the restaurant was very full and almost every table was occupied.. luckily, my brother's girlfriend arrived early and got us a table.. 

the concept of Ikea Restaurant is like fast food restaurant.. first, you need to take your tray and queue.. in my case, it was a looonnnggg queue *sigh*.. along the queue, there were refrigerators, mostly filled with fresh salad and desserts, so you can take whatever you wish to have and put it in your tray.. once you arrived at the counter, you can order the main course, and the waiters will prepare you orders right away.. make your payment and you have your meal..

my mom and I decided to share a portion of Ikea famous Swedish Meatballs (SGD8.00 per 15 pieces).. our Swedish Meatballs consisted of 15 pieces of meatballs (mix of beef and pork) and boiled potatoes served with cream sauce and lingonberry jam.. at first, I found it quite weird to eat meat with jam haha.. but it turned out that the dish was delicious.. I love their meatballs since it was tender and juicy, matched perfectly with the rather-bland cream sauce and sweet lingonberry jam.. 

Salmon with potatoes and vegetables (SGD7.50) was my brother's pick for lunch.. it surely looked very appetizing.. two pieces of baked salmon served with boiled potatoes and long beans then poured with butter sauce.. it tasted just as good as it looked.. the salmon was nice, though my brother said the size much smaller than he remembered, perhaps because it was very crowded.. I like that the salmon was tender, fresh and not overcooked.. the butter sauce was a match for it.. I surely like it, though I just tasted two bites of it :)

dessert time.. my brother picked Daim Chocolate Cake (SGD3.20) for us.. Daim is actually a Sweden chocolate brand, famous for their crunchy butter almond bar covered in milk chocolate.. so Daim Chocolate Cake is a layer cake of chopped almond and some golden custard, topped with Daim chocolate.. it's a piece of heaven.. I love Daim chocolate so much, so this dish was a perfect dessert for me..

overall, it was a nice lunch we had at Ikea.. good food, though crowded place.. and it's nice to see the cute furniture displayed there.. a nice dining experience for me.. Ikea also sells their signature Swedish Meatballs frozen in their Swedish Food Market.. my mom decided to bought a package of it home.. 1 kg of köttbullar meatballs, a jar of 400g of Sylt Lingon lingonberry jam and two sachets of 40g gräddsås cream sauce for SGD24.00 (if I'm not mistaken).. Ikea has become a must-visit place whenever I have the chance to visit Singapore :D

Ikea Alexandra
317 Alexandra Road
Singapore 159965
Ph.: 65 6786 6868


  1. Funny to see the IKEA here in Europe serves fries with the meatballs and we get less gravy :-)
    The salmon is slightly bigger here but the rest is the same. Love the Daim cake..!

  2. yes.. the Daim cake is a piece of heaven :)



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