Jul 22, 2011

Steak Hotel by Holycow

a few weeks ago, I had the chance to meet old high school friends after work.. it's a nice way to boost my mood after a full day of work..I always love meeting my high school friends.. we have so much to share and joke around.. it's quite amazing that we can still meet regularly to have some dinner or just hanging out together to keep updated about each other..

a friend of mine suggested us to try Steak Hotel by Holycow in Senopati area, right behind the SCBD in Sudirman.. it was one famous steak in Jakarta, I bet.. their Radio Dalam branch was so crowded that I don't even want to try haha.. so anyway, after finishing my daily job, I managed to sneak out of the office at 5.30 p.m sharp, wait to be picked up by my friend then directly went for dinner hahaha.. some of my friends had arrived earlier and told us that we're on waiting list.. no wonder, it was around 7 p.m when we arrived..

after waiting a while, we managed to get our seats.. there's a policy in the restaurant that they don't accept any reservations and guests should share their table with others.. there were eight of us.. first, we only got one table enough for 5 persons, so girls were seated first.. lucky for us, we finally managed to get one full table, after asking our neighbor to switch table haha..

the restaurant is not too big but very crowded.. minimalist furniture.. but lots of customers.. first, I ordered Iced Blackcurrant Tea (Rp13,500 - free refill) for my drinks.. I was not too hungry and didn't feel like eating steak, so my friend suggested Bergyu (Rp30,000) or Burger Wagyu.. 

I picked my Bergyu well-done with black pepper sauce served with french fries.. it came in a surprisingly huge portion, remembering the price.. here comes the first bite of the patty only.. it's my first time eating the so-called wagyu beef and I am such an amateur in the meaty world so I don't even know the level of that wagyu, but that wagyu I ate was really delicious.. it's very tender and soft.. a weird word to describe beef haha.. I'm telling you that I loved it.. loved it so much that I decided to order another one for my mom at home haha.. now I know why people can pay so high for a piece of that meat.. I wonder how the expensive wagyu would taste, I bet it's highly delicious haha.. but I'm quite satisfied with this one, the meat was just perfect and fits my tongue really well.. the black pepper sauce and french fries were just ordinary, or perhaps it was because I'm stunned by the burger? I don't know haha..

well, I guessed I made a perfect choice for dinner.. and I'm definitely coming back.. me and Bergyu are in love.. madly :)

Steak Hotel by Holycow
Jl. Bakti No. 15
Senopati, South Jakarta
Ph.: 6221 527 0673

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  1. Bet it's delicious too I am very satisfied I am with this one, and perfect, just and fit well for my tongue The black pepper sauce and fried potatoes only the regular or maybe it was because I am stunned.

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