Aug 10, 2011

Hakata Ikkousha

hellow there.. it's been a while since my last post.. been very busy in the office and working on some other stuffs.. and actually, haven't really visited any restaurant worth reviewing haha.. 

anyway, my brother is in town for 2 weeks and when he's here means 'welcome fat and good bye diet' haha.. he asked me for a good place to eat and this  Hakata Ikkousha just popped in my mind.. I supposed it's the most mentioned ramen-selling restaurant in Indonesian food blogs lately haha.. 

so yesterday, I went there with my brother and mom for lunch and arrived around 12.30 in the afternoon.. we didn't know the exact location but it was not too hard to find especially after I knew their Indonesian name Rumah Bahagia Pertama.. I wondered whether it was the Indonesian translation.. we waited for 10 minutes before we finally got our table.. the restaurant was very crowded despite it was a lunch during weekday.. I, somehow, enjoyed the hustle of the chatting customers and busy-serving waiters haha.. 

the restaurant itself was not too big and spacious.. it was dominated in wooden furniture with a touch of Japanese stuff here and there.. makes me feel like I'm in Tokyo (oh dear God, please hear my prayers).. I supposed this resembles the parent restaurant in Japan? I don't know, but I will know once I visited Japan myself (that's faith haha).. the distance between tables was very near, making us can hear our neighbor's conversation.. over the hustle, we sometimes heard Japanese talking fluently in bahasa, welcoming the customers.. perhaps the restaurant is actually run by Japanese.. on our table, there was a basket of all kinds of sauces, chopsticks, tissue and a bowl full of garlic.. well, I'm not a fan of garlic, but I've read reviews saying that putting garlic into your ramen is a good idea.. so we're all set to have our lunch.. 

I heard that their signature dish was the Special Chicken Ramen and Special Pork Ramen (Rp38,000 each).. since I have to pick one menu only (remembering the size of my tummy), it's obvious that I picked Special Pork Ramen to share with my mom.. I'm such a pork fans hahaha.. it came in a not-so big but full bowl.. filled with ramen, soft-boiled egg and a pork slice.. the broth was very thick.. it is said that the thick broth was obtained from boiling chicken bones, vegetables and fish meat for hours.. it was very tasty and delicious, though my brother said it was too thick.. I loved it, especially once I add a little garlic (just a little) and sliced chili.. my best way was to eat the ramen with the broth and sliced chili :)

my brother picked Tamtam Pork Ramen (Rp46,000) which looked very spicy and appetizing in the menu.. when it came, it looked just like my pork ramen only with chili oil on top of it.. the broth tasted just like mine, and I don't taste any spiciness in it.. maybe I set my expectation too high for this one, and it just didn't surprise me.. I even liked my ramen better than this.. 

oh, here's a peek of their ramen.. it's thin and smooth.. 

we also ordered their Pork and Shrimp Gyoza (Rp35,000) to share.. it consisted of five pieces and freshly made upon orders.. it tasted delicious but too oily for me.. the skin was crunchy and the fillings was juicy.. for drinks we had Cold Ocha (Rp8,800) and it was refillable.. the price stated above excludes tax (10%) and service charge (2.5%)..

overall, the three of us had different opinion regarding this restaurant.. I think it was delicious and worth another visit.. my brother said he had tasted better ramen in Singapore.. my mother said it was pricey though she didn't pay the bill.. well, I think I will make another visit, just to confirm who made the best opinion haha.. 

Hakata Ikkousha (Rumah Bahagia Pertama)
Jl. Muara Karang Raya 85
North Jakarta
Ph.: 6221 - 666 00 255


  1. Wow ramen!!! I really want to try authentic ramen noodles! Here in he Philippines I don't know restaurants that serves this noodle dish. Looks so delicious, so mouthwatering!!! Can I have some..? :)

    Lette's Haven

  2. Hi there.. thanks for visiting.. come and visit Jakarta, and I'll let you have some :)



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