Nov 13, 2011

Starbucks Holiday Gathering

I have always been in love with coffee.. one of the best brand coffee I've come to know is Starbucks.. my office mates know just how much I was in love haha.. so when last Tuesday I got an invitation to taste their holiday product, I was much more than excited haha.. so last Wednesday, I went to their newly opened Tomang branch with other food bloggers.. unfortunately, I came a little late due to the wonderful traffic of Jakarta..

once I stepped in the store, it felt like December already.. the Christmas decoration, red and green everywhere, even the baristas wore Christmas ornament.. it's definitely my favorite time of the year.. Starbucks' theme for 2011 Christmas is "Let's gather with good friends".. it's such a great theme, you know, hanging out with your loved ones while sipping hot coffee.. it's my paradise on earth.. off to the food tasting.. yummy..

Holiday Beef and Egg Bagel (Rp30,000).. it's actually onion and cheese bagel filled with smoked beef, scrambled egg, mayonnaise, lettuce and caramelized onion.. I have to say that it's my favorite dish of the night.. it's really delicious.. I have been in love with their onion and cheese bagel before and now, add smoked beef and scrambled egg, I'd definitely say goodbye to diet haha..

Cranberry Scones (Rp22,5000).. scone is actually Scottish bread made from wheat.. Starbucks' cranberry scones combined cranberries and walnut topped with white chocolate coating.. it was delicious, really.. not too sweet, the way I always like with a crunchy texture.. such a great companion for coffee..

Blueberry and Strawberry Cream Cheese Cake (Rp25,000).. to be honest, it's my least favorite dish of the night.. it actually looked very cute, with purple and pinky appearance.. it's sweet butter cake filled with cream cheese mouse and blueberry/strawberry topped with whipped cream and blueberry/strawberry sauce.. the cream cheese was okay, but too creamy.. while tasting, I don't know why but I just kept counting the calories of this small cute dish and I'm actually scared haha..

Raspberry Temptation (Rp28,000).. my favorite dessert of the night.. vanilla sponge cake covered with raspberry jelly and cheese butter cream topped with raspberry jam and white chocolate drizzle.. too much calories but too good to resist.. it tasted sour-sweet with a nice taste of raspberry.. I would recommend this cake to everyone.. and I want one more now..

toffee nut latte frappucinno - hot cranberry white chocolate mocha

Starbucks is not Starbucks without their coffee.. for the holiday season, the famous Toffee Nut Latte and Peppermint Mocha are back.. I picked toffee nut latte frappucinno which tasted really nice.. rich toffee taste combined with toasted nuts and Starbucks' espresso.. a nice way to enjoy life.. on 2011 holiday season, Starbucks introduced a new holiday drink called cranberry white chocolate mocha served hot.. it's the BEST beverage I've tasted in Starbucks.. it's the famous Starbucks' espresso combine with white chocolate, cranberry drizzle and cranberry sugar sprinkle.. I can't wait to have some more.. thank you for bringing this beverage to me..

of course we are not allowed to go home empty handed, so a goody bag was available for each of us.. it's filled with Starbucks Christmas Blend, a jar of Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies and a voucher to have a tall Starbucks drink.. I got to say that the Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies was very delicious.. it's crunchy, not too sweet.. it has definitely become my favorite cookies ever.. even my mom loved it so much.. thank you, Starbucks Indonesia for having me.. love you :)

Starbucks Coffee Tomang
Jl. Tomang Raya No. 25

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