Nov 7, 2011

De Luca

I bet it's one of the hippest place for Jakarta's young adults to hang out.. apparently I'm one of those crowd haha.. De Luca is one of the newest Italian restaurant opened in Plaza Senayan, Jakarta.. it's been a while actually since my last visit to Plaza Senayan.. it used to be the hippest mall but once lost its charm, and now it has re-reign as the most crowded mall in Jakarta.. we, Jakarta people, love malls haha..

I've been really busy at work and I really need some rest, so on one Saturday, a friend and I went to Plaza Senayan to have some talks and updates.. we intended to eat at Union, but it was just too full, so we headed to De Luca, found it not crowded and decided to have our lunch there.. the restaurant was very nicely decorated that I would spend hours without getting bored haha.. I love their wooden furniture and dim light.. it just made the atmosphere really warm :)

the menu was quite extensive.. they offered various Italian dishes which made me a little confused picking what to eat haha.. the menu is dominated with pasta dishes and some entree, pizza and a very little spot left for desserts.. the pasta section were divided into three categories, creamy sauce pasta, tomato sauce pasta and aglio olio pasta.. oh, the best thing about Italian restaurants is the free bread haha..  De Luca presented us with a small basket of fresh bread which was warm and delicious.. such a good compliment to start our lunch..

for drinks, I picked hot coffee latte (Rp32,000) while my friend picked iced lychee tea (Rp35,000).. the coffee was good and presented very cute with a heart-shaped foam on top.. I love the cup so much I wished I could bring it home.. I didn't try his tea but I heard that it was also good.. 

it didn't take a long time for our lunch to arrived.. mine was farfalle with beef bacon & mushroom (Rp68,000) while his was spinach cannelonni (Rp68,000).. first, farfalle was a bow tie shaped pasta.. second, my farfalle was al dente.. complimented nicely with the creamy sauce, topped with beef bacons, mushrooms and cheese.. suddenly, the world is a better place haha.. seriously, it was really delicious.. the cream sauce was just right.. I mean, it was creamy but not the type which avoid you to finish your dish.. 

my friend's cannelonni was also great.. it came in a huge portion, a rolled pasta filled with spinach and minced beef topped with melted cheese and dressed with tomato sauce.. are you drooling? haha.. I did try a bite of it and I loved it.. I'm kinda weak for Italian dishes haha..

overall, De Luca, in my opinion, offers a great ambiance to hang out and have small talks with your close friends along with great food.. a little pricey, I guess, but I think I have to say that it was worth every Rupiah spent.. there's actually one thing that bothers me about the service.. as we were eating and talking, we spend quite a while to finish our meal.. and right when there's a bite of cannelonni left on my friend's plate, a waitress came and asked whether she can clean up the plates.. we were quite confused and directly said that he had not finished his meal.. it was quite annoying but forgiven thanks to the good food..

De Luca
Plaza Senayan CP 101
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
Ph.: 6221 572 5170


  1. wowww farfalle nya enak tuh kaya nya. same with me, gw ga suka sama creamy pasta yang terlalu heavy rasa nya. ga bakal bisa abisin deh soal nya ud terlanjur eneg duluan :)

    blon cobain de luca nih, tapi pengen bener bisa kesini & yup pernah ke union tapi full juga >.<

  2. yuppss.. farfalle nya enak bangetttss.. seuatu banget deh :P karna union penuh jadi rada males ya nyobanya.. nunggu rada sepi aja deh entah kapan :P

  3. Menu favorit kamu apa di de luca ini? menu favorit saya adalah "Panna Cotta" .



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