Oct 24, 2011

My Kopi-O!

a few weeks ago, my mom and I decided to go somewhere new, since we were quite bored with the existing malls haha.. the decision was to visit the new Living World mall in Alam Sutera area and I was determined to try My Kopi-O! due to the reviews I've read on other food blogs.. the mall itself was quite big and mostly was filled with restaurants haha.. first, we went around the mall for window shopping and ended up having our coffee time at My Kopi-O! as I insisted haha..

the appearance of this coffee shop was very nice.. the restaurant was divided into two section, the inner part of the restaurant, decorated in a rather modern style with walls filled with bottles of all shapes and colors; and the outer part, decorated in gardeny style with wooden furniture.. we decided to sit at the garden part so we can see the people walking around haha.. 

the menu was very cute that I loved it so much.. it was made in a newspaper style separated between food and beverages menu.. at this point, I got the impression that this restaurant really pays attention to details and I just love it.. the decoration, menu and the hospitality of the waiters are the best first impression I can get from a restaurant..

my mom and I decided to try their Nanyang Kopi Tarik (Rp18,800) as it was our coffee time.. it came in a very cute cup with a piece of crispy toasted butter bread.. as my mom was my coffee expert, I'll put her opinion in this review.. she said that the coffee was very nice, and smelled really good.. I personally also like it but thought it came in a really small cup haha.. even the butter bread was also nice.. a good way to refresh my late afternoon..

for our snack, we decided to try Shanghai Combi Burger (Rp39,800) to share.. it was presented on a wooden chop-board and a piece of banana leave.. it consisted of four shanghai half buns filled with different types of toppings, which was spicy chicken, beef sausage, black pepper beef and I think the last one was chicken ragoût patty, though I'm not sure haha.. in my opinion, all of those topping and the bun was just delicious.. well, if you ask my favorite, it would be the last chicken ragoût patty.. the buns was very fluffy and tender.. I don't think I've ever tasted this kind of bun before.. 

one minus point of this restaurant was our snacks took like forever to arrive at our table.. my mom's coffee was almost empty when it finally arrived.. so, we decided to try their cold beverage and picked Passion Fruit Mojito (Rp34,800).. fortunately, this drink was very good and refreshing.. passion fruit essence combined with soda drinks and lime juice plus mint leaves.. it topped the best cold beverage I have ever tasted.. am I overrating it? perhaps, but I was totally in love and a lover just couldn't be 100% objective haha..

overall, I love this place and can't wait to come back.. but it was just too far.. I really wish it would open a new branch somewhere near my house.. *finger crossed*

My Kopi-O!
Living World, GF Unit 35
Alam Sutera Blvd 21, Serpong
Ph.: 6221 2923 9318

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