Oct 22, 2011

Billie Chick

it was Sunday morning, I had planned to meet an old friend to have breakfast together.. she is currently working in Singapore, and only spent a weekend in Jakarta.. luckily, between our packed schedule (I had to work during that weekend), we managed to sneak a breakfast meeting.. like I've always said, meeting an old friend is like a vitamins in life.. they brought stories and joy to be shared with you.. I remember laughing the whole time during our brunch..

it has actually become sort of a habit every time she visits Jakarta.. especially when it was just over the weekend, we will meet for brekfast or brunch.. as our houses were quite close, we usually picked somewhere near.. unfortunately, the options were very limited that we almost always ended up eating in Bakmi Alok.. this time, we kinda hoped to find some place new and thanks God, we found Billie Chick, which was opened from 8.30 in the morning.. she even gave me a high-five for finally found a new place haha..

actually, Bille Chick has opened for quite a while, but I haven't got the chance to visit.. I heard that they served delicious food.. the waiter told us that the food was not ready until 9.00 a.m so we ordered our drinks first and both of us needed coffee haha.. Hot Cappuccinno (Rp21,900) and Hot French Vanilla Latte (Rp21,900) were our choices.. the cappucinno tasted just okay for me.. but it was a good way to start the day.. I didn't try the vanilla latte, but my friend finished it til the last drop, so I supposed it was also good.. the presentation is very cute :)

for the breakfast, I picked Cheese Meat Fries (Rp17,900), she picked French Soup (Rp18,500) and we added Grilled Chicken Salad (Rp19,900) to share.. the soup was awesome, it was really delicious.. I loved it, but I thought I wouldn't be able to finish as it was very thick.. my fries was lovely.. french fries topped with bolognaisse meat sauce and melted cheese, all the fat in one bowl haha.. it was delicious and very yummy.. our salad came in a very appetizing look, and tasted as good as it looked.. the dressing was a bit sweet, I think they add a little Asian taste to it.. it was good and refreshing :)

overall, it was a good meal, a cozy place and a really nice friend.. such a perfect way to start a day.. wish I could do it everyday :)

Billie Chick
Greenville Block BK No. 5

West Jakarta
Ph.: 6221-5698 1160/5698 7878

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