Oct 11, 2011

Areli Coffee House

after seeing their bright signboard for quite a while, finally I got the chance to try Areli Coffee House.. it's weekday night, bf and I were looking for a nice place to have a light dinner and talk.. the place was not crowded when we arrived, only one table was occupied.. unluckily, the only table occupied was filled with around ten young adults, who happened to talk and laugh loudly.. it kinda ruins the coziness the place offered..

the place was not too big, but very welcoming.. covered in wood wall, floor and ceiling, accompanied with wooden furniture and rather dimmed light, it gave a warm and welcoming feeling.. I fell in love instantly.. looking at the menu, it was dominated with drinks, with only a few choices of food.. fortunately, we were not too hungry.. 

I decided to have hot latte - regular (Rp22,000) since it was a coffee shop after all, so I thought I must try their coffee.. bf picked avocado mix (Rp18,000) based on my influence haha.. it didn't take too long for our drinks to arrive.. his avocado mix tasted nice, a mixture of avocado juice, chocolate milk and coffee.. it's not overly sweet and was a perfect combination for my tongue.. my latte arrived in a very cute appearance.. apparently, the barista made some art for my latte.. I loved it.. though the latte tasted just okay, it successfully made me happy haha.. I'm such an easy girl on cute stuffs..
for dinner, bf picked mie kangkung goreng terasi (Rp22,000).. it came in a small portion, to his disappointment, but very appealing.. stir-fried thick noodle, mixed with water spinach, scrambled egg and shrimps.. yummy.. it tasted really good, that I kept on taking his meal haha.. the spiciness level was enough and I really liked it.. 

I did not order any meal for me, since I was trying to skip dinner.. however, looking at their cake selection, I just could not resist.. so I gave up.. see, how unfaithful and inconsistent person I am when it's related to cakes haha.. looking at their best selling menu, we decided to try their oreo Mille crêpe (Rp28,000) as suggested by the waiter.. Mille crêpe is French cake made from many crepe layers.. as you can see, it was very appetizing.. and it tasted just as good as it looked.. I loved it so much.. the crepes were soft, filled with cream and chocolate in between layers, made me just can't stop eating.. another plus point was it's not overly sweet.. it was just great.. 

overall, Areli Coffee House offers a warm and cozy ambiance to hang out and have small talks.. good coffee, great food and wonderful dessert were just too good to be passed.. 

Areli Coffee House
Taman Ratu Indah D11 No. 22B
West Jakarta
Ph.: +6287889379098

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