Oct 6, 2011

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Ya Kun Kaya Toast is one of the most popular kopitiam in South East Asia.. opened their first coffee stall in Singapore, Ya Kun Kaya Toast has became a phenomenon of how simple menus can really brought world wide.. it focused on selling traditional Singaporean style of breakfast, including kaya toast, soft boiled egg, tea and coffee.. 

a few weeks ago, I visited Gandaria City for a Saturday date with bf.. after a tiring walk around the huge mall, we decided to give our feet some rest and there we spotted Ya Kun Kaya Toast.. it was located in rather secluded area of the mall and lucky for us, it was not full.. first, we placed our orders at the cashier includes yuanyang ping (Rp13,437) for me, milo ping (Rp18,637) for him and a portion of traditional kaya toast (Rp13,638) to be shared..

I always love their traditional kaya toast.. their toast was very crunchy.. why? I wondered.. then I found that the toast was not made from white bread, but brown bread which was toasted over real charcoal fire until crisp.. now that's really something or sesuatu banget yaa.. haha.. the kaya was not overly sweet, which I really like.. it tasted perfect combined with the butter.. it's truly a perfect combination for my tongue.. 

my favorite drink here would be yuanyang ping.. it was a mix of coffee and milk tea, originated from Hong Kong.. how to describe its taste ya? it tasted like mixture of coffee, milk and tea.. haha.. bottom line is it was delicious and tasty.. I mean, you can have all the three basic drinks in one glass.. I didn't try bf's drink, but I believe iced chocolate milk can never go wrong :)

Ya Kun Kaya Toast
Gandaria City - UG Floor
Jl. KH. M. Syafii Hadzani No, 8
South Jakarta

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