Oct 2, 2011

Depot 3.6.9 (San Liu Jiu)

Depot 3.6.9 (San Liu Jiu) is specializing in Shanghai cuisine, mostly serves dumplings and noodle.. it is said that this culinary heritage was brought from a famous and busy road in ancient Shanghai, called NanJing Lu.. for more than 51 years, Depot 3.6.9 has claimed that they maintained the same recipe and quality to ensure customers get the best of Shanghai cuisine.. 

a few weeks ago, bf and I picked their Kedoya branch for lunch.. it was located in a small house/office (rukan) near Food Hall supermarket.. its location is quite secluded but not too hard to find.. it was lunch time when we arrived and a few tables were occupied.. as we went through their menu, we decided to go for a portion of noodle and a shared appetizer.. the noodles served is available in four options, between yellow noodle (made from egg yolk), white noodle (made from egg white, low cholesterol), green noodle (made from vegetables) or vermicelli.. 

fortune dumpling (Rp33,637) is our choice for appetizer though it came the last.. consisting of each two pieces of xiao long bao, guo tie, jiao zi and fried pao, it was a perfect choice to try all their special dumplings.. we chose pork over chicken for the fillings.. the xiao long bao is definitely the best.. I love the hot broth inside the thin skin then combined with steamed pork.. I'm drooling all over my keyboard now haha.. I also like their jiao zi and guo tie but the fried pao was not my favorite.. from the start I just don't get the idea of frying pao so basically it just didn't fit my taste preference..

my bf picked mie kourou (Rp31,819) since he is such a huge pork fan with the yellow noodle.. kourou is steamed pork belly, it's a very famous dish from China.. you can see the pork fat layers in the picture.. that's his favorite! I tasted a bit and loved the kourou, though I didn't try the fat.. the meat was tender, juicy and well-seasoned.. a bite is never enough.. the yellow noodle was a bit too dry for me..

song mie (Rp26,364) with green noodle was my choice.. it was topped with shrimps, chicken chunks and mushrooms.. it was love at first bite since it was delicious.. the green noodle was not dry like the yellow ones, which I like.. though the toppings were not too much, they're well-seasoned and tasted perfect.. I love it so much and I want it more.. haha..

overall, in my opinion, Depot 3.6.9 has a great thing to offer.. delicious food with reasonable price.. I love it a lot:) 

Depot 3.6.9
Rukan Prisma Kedoya B-10
Jl. Raya Perjuangan, Kebon Jeruk
West Jakarta
Ph.: 6221 531 0001


  1. Sering banget lewatin depot ini,kepingin mampir tapi takut gak halal buat gue..abis baca ini ternyata bener deh gak bisa mampir kesana..hikkks..padahal keliatan enak2 yaaaah...

  2. hihi.. iya, unfortunately ga halal sihh.. :(



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