Sep 26, 2011


Panecook is not just another pancake restaurant.. the restaurant has specified themselves in Dutch style of pancake, or called pannekoek, which is usually much thinner than American pancakes.. here, pannekoek is served both as main course and as desserts.. the restaurant is located in office/house (rukan) in Puri Indah area.. it was decorated in simple furniture, quite suitable for an light chat with friends and family.. 
I went here with a friend looking for a place to share thoughts and having light desserts.. it was not too crowded when we arrived, so we directly got our table.. we picked hot tea (Rp8,000) each since it was a cold night and shared a portion of tiramisu pannekoek (Rp39,000).. tiramisu pannekoek consisted of three layers of pannekoek served with Mascarpone cream, chocolate sauce, kahlua and a scoop of mocha ice cream..

it surely looked appetizing, right? the pannekoek was fluffy.. I loved it.. in my opinion, this is better than the thick American pancakes.. underneath one layer of pannekoek is Mascarpone cream mixed with kahlua.. giving a light taste of bitterness which balance the sweet chocolate sauce and mocha ice cream.. it's a joyous meal for my tongue.. I'm instantly in love haha.. I definitely will come back for more pannekoek..

Rukan Grand Puri Niaga
Jl. Puri Kencana Bl K6 No. 1 C/D
Kembangan, West Jakarta
Ph.: 6221 5835 1504/5835 1505

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