Sep 15, 2011

de' Excelso

people talk over food and drinks.. I don't exactly know why, but sitting around a small round table is a great way to share stories.. at least, that's my case.. meeting my old friends means a combination of food, coffee, ice cream, desserts and lots of talks haha.. after having our lunch and walking around the mall, we decided to treat ourselves some sweets.. it was late afternoon and we wanted something light and sweet.. I forgot how we ended up in de' Excelso, but there we were.. it was packed with people and we have to wait around 10 minutes before we got our table.. 

I picked tiramisu frappio (Rp41,500) as my drink since it was marked 'recommended' in the menu.. it was a combination of coffee, a little tiramisu taste and kahlua.. when it arrived at our table, I thought its color was too pale.. it's almost white! it smelled really nice, though.. to my disappointment, it tasted almost bland.. not enough coffee, not sweet enough and too much ice blended.. I actually hate it.. well, perhaps it was because they were so busy and orders were kept coming.. but it's just disappointing..

to accompany our coffee time, the five of us shared a portion of banana wrap (Rp30,000).. in was pictured in the menu with a scoop of ice cream and I just found out that originally, this dish didn't come with the ice cream.. you need to pay extra for that ice cream.. I would suggest de' Excelso to revise their menu.. the fried banana was small, covered in cheese and choco slices.. it tasted just okay for a price of Rp30,000..
overall, I am quite disappointed with this place.. it was located strategically in front of Grand Indonesia's dancing fountain, that's why it was so packed.. I believe that they should improve their quality control to ensure every guest get the best of their orders.. lucky for us, we got a 50% discount by paying with Mandiri Credit Card.. I guessed I'm not coming back anytime soon..

de' Excelso
Grand Indonesia 3rd floor unit 15
Jl. M.H Thamrin No. 1
Central Jakarta
Ph.: 6221 2358 0330

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