Sep 11, 2011

Manhattan Fish Market

meeting old friends is definitely on top of my favorite things to do.. but sometimes it's hard to find the perfect timing to meet all of your group.. my college friends is one of the best example.. trust me, it's really hard to gather two auditors, one consultant, one accountant and one bank officer together.. haha.. that's us :D

well, thanks God, we finally were able to schedule our meeting during Lebaran holiday in Grand Indonesia.. the biggest problem we always have since college was deciding where to eat haha.. as we went through each option available, we noted The Manhattan Fish Market.. after peeking at the menu and got ourselves interested, we decided to try..

the restaurant was not too big, but quite cozy.. I think it was quite suitable for family dinner.. it just gave me warm feeling for I don't know what reason.. some of the wall were covered with bricks and some other were covered with New York landscape picture.. the restaurant was not full as we arrived and we got our table right away.. 

I noted that this restaurant pay attention to details.. for instance, one of the picture hanged was written "Off-fish-ially the best seafood in town" or in the back of waiter's uniform was written "Sea-cret Agent".. I found it really cute.. on the tissue available on our table, they printed the restaurant logo with a question underneath while the answer is available at the back of it.. mine was saying "why are sardines the silliest fish in the sea?" "because they climb into tins, close the lid, leave the key outside".. little things like this successfully made me smile.. 

off to the food.. we were very hungry and wanted to try every menu we found.. however, remembering our stomach size (and our diet *cough*), we decided to share our food.. we ordered Manhattan Seafood Platter for Two (Rp179,000), Regular Manhattan Fish 'n Chips - Pacific Dory (Rp51,000) and Regular Mixed Seafood Pasta (Rp69,000).. for drinks, we pick the bottomless flavored tea (Rp22,000), available with choices of blackcurrant tea or lemon tea..

our seafood platter consisted of deep fried fish fillet, fried calamari, Manhattan Flaming Prawns served with chips, garlic herb rice and chef's green.. the flaming prawns were directly grilled right before it was served to our table which wowed us.. compare to their competitor, the price was cheaper, but the serving size was also smaller.. there were only four prawns and four mussels, while we were five hungry girls.. 

the verdict.. the herb rice was very nice.. it tasted so good even without any seafood, but it's a bit too sweet for my tongue though I still like it.. the calamari was crunchy and tender.. the fish and fries were just okay.. the prawns were delicious but its sauce was a bit too creamy.. the mussels was fishy and I don't like it at all.. the portion of greens were too small and the carrots were raw.. oh, come on, it wouldn't hurt to give us more greens and to cook the carrots correctly.. the best of this dish would be their herb rice..

the so-called of-fish-ially the best fish 'n chips in town in the menu.. it is available for choices of pacific dory, pacific cod or sword fish with different price.. I would say that there's nothing really special about this.. just another fish 'n chips in town.. the portion was quite big and the price was still reasonable.. I won't complain and I won't praise either..

for our pasta, we picked spaghetti, served with marinara sauce combined with mussels, shrimps and calamari.. the marinara sauce is a bit too sweet for my tongue.. the portion was very small and the fillings was not generous remembering the price charged.. I didn't try the mussels and prawns here but the calamari was delicious and tender.. to be honest, it's not my favorite.. I have tasted much better marinara sauce..

overall, it's a restaurant with a very nice ambiance, but average food in my opinion.. the price is reasonable and I won't complain about the service.. other than that, it's just another seafood restaurant for me..

Manhattan Fish Market
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
Sky Bridge Level 3A
Jl. M.H Thamrin No. 1
Central Jakarta
Ph.: 6221 2358 1055

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