Sep 8, 2011

Lomie Kangkung Cucu Pinangsia

it was one of the oldest restaurant I have ever known around my neighborhood.. it is said that they had opened their restaurant since 1945.. the restaurant itself is called Lomie Kangkung Cucu Pinangsia.. the noodle used here is yellow noodle than poured with thick brown sauce.. I don't really know about the history behind Lomie Kangkung Pinangsia as it is quite different than any other lomie I've known.. oh well, though I don't know much about the history, I'm quite thankful to know their food.. here's how it looked..

introducing, Lomie Kangkung Special (Rp26,000).. well, it doesn't look that appetizing ya? haha.. underneath those thick brown sauce was yellow noodles mixed with water spinach then topped with grilled pork.. and it came in a huge portion.. adding a little lime juice and chili before stirring would make it even better.. the thick brown sauce tasted dominantly sweet but not too overpowering.. for me, adding the lime juice balanced the sauce sweetness.. it is very savory and goes really well with the noodle and water spinach that I like it so much.. adding pickles is another option to balance the sauce sweetness, like my mom always does.. the noodle is chewy, not mushy.. the best part of this dish is the grilled pork.. it was crunchy outside and tender inside, just the way I liked it..

it's how they looked in half portion (I shared a portion with mom).. see those peeking water spinach and grilled pork? yum yum.. I supposed we have a complete dish here.. you have carbohydrate, greens and meat.. all in one plate.. :)

Lomie Kangkung Cucu Pinangsia
Jl. Raya Mangga Bl Y/10-B
Greenville, West Jakarta
Ph.: 6221 560 5044


  1. ah ! gw demen banget sama lomie kaya gini ini >.< dulu makan di daerah hayam wuruk. cuman ud lama ga kesana, jadi pengen hiks :'(

  2. hihi.. iya ini enak sekaliiii.. ke daerah greenville aja *maksa :P
    anw, thanks for visiting yaaaa... :D

  3. Cilla, bikin nyak laperr berat!



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