Sep 3, 2011

Cafe Du Chocolat

it was Saturday afternoon.. a hot one I must say.. two young adult were walking around Tebet Utara street, stopping by in each shop found.. that's me and bf haha.. in the middle of the street full with distro, we noted a sign of dessert.. it was like finding an oasis in the middle of desert.. I was really tired walking around and really thirsty and lucky for us, we were given an offer we just could not say no..

it was Cafe Du Chocolat.. located in second floor of Noin Brand distro, it was quite catchy.. during August 2011, they offer a variety of menu for only Rp10,000 each from 2-6 p.m during weekday and from 3-6 p.m during weekends.. interesting, right? hahaha..

as we entered the cafe, it was nearly empty.. there was only one table occupied and soon to be empty once we were seated.. the furniture was kinda confusing since I don't get the connection of each stuff.. the sofa was worn out.. I think their furniture was quite old? I don't know.. it just gave me bad feeling.. I'm afraid we picked the wrong place to sit haha.. I did note a nice quote written on their wall which I love..


looking at the menu, we decided to try their Rp10,000 promotion.. remembering the shopping bags we had in our hands, we must tight our budget in eating haha.. I picked sour apple, bf picked milky fanta and we had grilled banana as our snacks.. all of it was Rp10,000 each, tax and services were included.. yay to cheap snacks :)

my sour apple was basically apple juice topped with chopped fresh apples.. to my surprise it was really good and refreshing.. or maybe I was too thirsty to be able to judge objectively.. anyhow, I loved it so much.. I may even try to make it at home by myself if I have time haha.. such a lazy girl.. bf's milky fanta was the western style of soda susu gembira.. it was thick milk under strawberry soda.. too sweet for me, but his favourite.. 

lastly to come was our grilled banana.. it was a banana (cut half) then grilled and topped with chocolate milk, choco sprinkles and cheese with a fresh strawberry.. again, to my surprise, it was very delicious.. the banana was nicely grilled, it was soft and not mushy.. the toppings, though seemed overwhelming, did not overpower the banana instead completes the whole meal and made me a fan haha.. 

I supposed we should not judge the book by its cover ya? I never thought I would fall in love with this place, but I did.. I will definitely come back to try other desserts.. I heard their fondue was a favorite..

Cafe Du Chocolat
Jl. Tebet Utara Dalam No. 13
Tebet, South Jakarta
Ph.: 6221 8378 7072


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Cilla. Such a relief to actually find out that we can still enjoy fine munchies at such affordable price! Keep up your excellent work =)

  2. Wow, I love the interiors. But I surely love the price more. =p Everything is 10k-ish. Would give this place a try! Thanks for sharing =D

  3. @Ravioli: thanks a lot for visiting.. :)
    @Ruby: yes, good food with cheap price should not be missed!! haha :P

  4. Cafe du Chocolat is actually having a promo at

    Buy dining vouchers Rp 25.000 ( worth Rp 50.000 ) & it's only available in Tebet. You should follow @cafeduchocjkt or add their FB for more info & updates. You don't wanna miss out ^^



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