Sep 1, 2011

Bebek Kaleyo

as the Lebaran holiday is here and Jakarta shows its most beautiful side of the year.. streets are almost empty, a heaven for particularly me who usually spent nearly one and half hours to office and another one and half hours back from office.. wish the holiday last longer :D

so, last Saturday, due to work requirements, I must go to office, preparing some month-end data for our business units (sigh).. it was around 12 a.m when I finished my overtime.. actually bf and I had planned to go to Grand Indonesia, but seeing the empty streets, I was tempted to go somewhere unusual for us.. so we picked Tebet area haha.. 

looking for lunch there is not a big deal.. there are restaurants on every street corner.. I have heard of Bebek Kaleyo for quite a while.. it was famous for their crispy duck.. I was so willing to try their duck, and lucky for us the restaurant was not full when we arrived.. I remember when I went to Tebet a few months ago, the restaurant was very packed and full with parked cars..

the restaurant was actually quite big.. it was dominated in wooden furniture and was an open-aired restaurant.. they have a small room with air-conditioner in front of the restaurant.. it was one hot afternoon so we decided to sit in the air-conditioned area.. the menu was not too various.. they mainly served duck in three ways of cooking (grilled, fried or deep in green chili).. you can choose between regular duck (a quarter duck per portion) or young duck (a half duck per portion).. it is said that the young duck's meat was more tender with a Rp2,000 different, I picked the young duck..

I intended to order grilled young duck, but the waiter said it was sold out.. so, we decided to order a portion of Bebek Muda Cabe Ijo (Rp18,000) and Nasi Uduk (Rp4,000) each.. the duck came in a huge portion (half of a duck was served in my plate) with green chili all over it! I really love the duck's texture.. it was was very crispy in the outside yet very tender inside.. the green chili was just okay, not too spicy actually but quite scary haha.. the duck was deep fried and it left some oil underneath which ruins my rice.. I hate rice mixed with oil! I should have asked for separation between duck and rice.. at least I learn my mistake..

overall.. besides the oil accident, I love their duck so much.. with a very reasonable and affordable price, no wonder people kept coming :) a good business it is for Bebek Kaleyo..

Bebek Kaleyo
Jl. Lapangan Roos No. 49
Tebet, South Jakarta
Ph.: 6221 9570 0055

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