Aug 22, 2011

MOF Japanese Sweets & Coffee

since I have tried MOF @ My Izakaya at Singapore, I have always been craving to try their branch in Plaza Indonesia.. so one Saturday, bf and I decided to give it a try.. what I don't know was that there was a big different between their Izakaya concept and cafe concept, including the menu.. so I was quite disappointed when I take a look at their menu.. luckily we got ourselves a 50% discount voucher from Dealkeren :) no matter how bad the situation is, discounts always make the world a lot better haha..

MOF Japanese Sweets & Coffee is how they named their branch located in a secluded area in Plaza Indonesia.. we have to go around the second floor twice before we finally found the restaurant haha.. anyway, I love their sofa.. it's cozy and colorful.. want to take them home, please.. the restaurant was not too large, dominated by orange and a touch of bright colors here and there.. it was quite comfortable, actually.. we decided to sit in the corner, near their kitchen.. 

it was lunch, so we need to have something not light to satisfy our tummy.. for drinks, I picked Hot Cappucinno (Rp25,000) since I'm such a big fan of coffee.. I'm too obvious right? bf picked Iced Maccha with Caramel (Rp28,000) since green tea is one of the specials there.. my hot cappucinno came in a tray and a piece of biscuit.. for me, the coffee was nice and it actually boost my mood.. bf's iced macca was green, obviously, topped with whipped cream and caramel sauce.. the green tea was not sweet, to our surprise.. so he, as a sweet lover, asked for sugar to be added..

for appetizer, we picked Caesar Salad (Rp45,000).. I'm a big fan of caesar salad since the dressing was so much refreshing.. our salad consisted of romaine lettuce and boiled eggs topped with chopped toast and cheese.. for me, this dish was just okay.. the caesar dressing has been improved to be more Japanese.. I mean it tasted a bit different than the usual caesar dressing I've known.. it's not bad, it's just.. different haha.. 

bf's pick was Grilled Short Ribs (Rp65,000).. of course, I tasted it a bit haha.. it came in a lot smaller portion than we had expected.. off to the taste.. actually I didn't like it at all.. the ribs tasted quite weird for me.. such a disappointment for my high expectation.. luckily, bf liked it.. he kept on eating until the plate is empty haha.. our taste-buds are different, I guessed.. I love their french fries though.. they were fat and crunchy outside.. I kept on stealing his fries haha.. 

actually I intended to order only their salad and some dessert, perhaps.. but my tummy won't compromise.. after I went through their menu, I decided to pick Chicken Katsu Curry Bento (Rp50,000).. I also picked curry when I visited their Singapore branch.. well, I am a Japanese curry lover, and Indian curry hater haha.. it's the cardamom that I hate from Indian curry.. too savory for my tongue.. my Chicken Katsu Curry Bento came in a bento box, consisted of rice, salad and the main star.. chicken katsu, boiled potatoes and carrot drenched in curry sauce.. I love their curry so much.. 

overall, I think I had put too high expectation about MOF Cafe that made me rather disappointed to find that it offers a different concept from My Izakaya.. I think I will come back for their desserts and maccha drinks, not for their food..

MOF Japanese Sweets & Coffee
Plaza Indonesia 2 Fl. #E24
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 2
Ph.: 6221 2992 3545

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