Jan 1, 2012


wishing you the happiest new year ahead.. lots of luck, joy and success
may your days be filled with love and happiness
God bless you abundantly :)

well, I guess time does fly.. I just can't believe that it's 2012 already.. so many great things happen during 2011 and I'm truly thankful for that.. I have been really blessed throughout the year.. a great God who has been guiding me all year long.. great family and friends to hang out with.. a great job to earn some money.. well, of course, there were some rocky road along my journey.. but overall 2011 has been really great.. thank You, Lord :)

during Christmas and New Year holiday, my mom's habit is to prepare cookies as both her children have the year-end holiday.. her favorite cookies to make would be nastaart and kaasstengels.. nastaart is cookies filled with pineapple jam while kaasstengels is Dutch cheese sticks.. and last year, she added raisin oatmeal cookies to accompany the other two.. how did they taste? well, they are all great.. another thing to be thankful for, a great baker mother..

well, how about your new year? hope it was great.. and your favorite home-made cookies? share with me :)


  1. Hello Cilla, festivities are often associated with feast and of course cookies! =D my favourite so far is Famous Amos cookies and Starbuck's Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies, simply addictive. But not really sure if they're actually home-made...

  2. agreed with you that Starbucks' Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies is simply delicious.. heavenly taste haha.. :D



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