Dec 30, 2011

Han Gang

anyeong haseyo.. I am a fan of K-drama.. watching those series a lot finally make me curious about their food.. I have been noticing Han Gang since a while ago, but only last week I had the chance to visit.. it was quite crowded when we arrived but we managed to get our table soon.. the restaurant was not too spacious, decorated in black wooden furniture.. the menu is very thick so it's quite hard for us to open and go through it one by one hahaha.. 

the special thing about Korean restaurant is that they always serve banchan.. as we were only two persons, there are only seven types of banchan served.. looking at other tables with more visitors, there are a lot more types of banchan.. ours consisted of stir-fried spicy mixed veggiesbeansprouttiny sea snailssteamed spinachfried fishkimchi and mixed veggies.. please do correct me if I'm wrong.. it's actually my first time trying kimchi and I loved it.. it was very refreshing and the sourness is still acceptable for my taste buds.. I also love the fried fish, crunchy outside and tender inside and it served hot.. it's very generous of the restaurant to give fish as part of banchan, in my opinion.. 

our first order is dolsot yachae bibimbab (Rp48,000) which was rice with beef, namul (sautéed, seasoned mixed vegetables) and raw egg yolk served in a hot stone pot.. it's a very popular Korean dish.. it has to be stirred first before eating and the raw egg yolk will eventually be cooked due to the hot stone pot.. I don't know the exact seasoning for this dish, but I found this dish was very delicious.. the beef was tender and the vegetables were just perfectly cooked.. the rice was a bit too mushy for me, but it was not a big problem.. I love it so much..

next to come is yukgaejang (Rp48,000) or spicy beef and scallion soup, also served in a hot stone pot.. it's the best dish of all.. I was totally in love with it.. a thick, spicy broth combined with the tender beef.. it's such a perfect dish for my taste buds.. I even craving for it as I'm writing this review haha.. so believe me, it's addictive..

overall, I think I had a great Korean cuisine experience.. I love all of those food, full of seasoning.. very rich in taste and they truly fit my taste buds.. 

Han Gang
Senayan City LG #9A
Jl. Asia Afrika Lot. 19
Central Jakarta 10270
Ph.: 6221 7278 1231

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