Dec 27, 2011

Pandan Village

On December 17, 2011, I was invited by Pandan Village for "Bloggers' Food Tasting Session".. as always, getting an invitation like this is such a joy to me haha.. I love eating and when it comes to free ones, I just can not resist.. another plus point is I get to meet the other food bloggers.. it's only a two-hour meeting but it's really enjoyable.. I came a little late since it's really hard to find a parking lot in Plaza Indonesia on Saturday night.. 

upon arrival, I was directly welcome by our host, Jefri Franslay, the Marketing & Communication of PT FG Resto.. such a kind and warm person, really.. Pandan Village name itself actually indicate the incomparable delicacy and comfortableness to the customers with a sincere service coming from the heart.. it was taken from the meaning of pandan leaves, widely known for its benefit and village, inspired the peace and honest atmosphere typical of a rural area.. this restaurant offers a taste of home recipe.. it focused on quality, hygiene, excellent services and homey atmosphere.. well,  let's have dinner, shall we?

strawberry juice - es jeruk nyiur
es merah delima - es jeruk nyiur - 
es selasi fanasi spesial - es avocado mocha
we were given the menu to order our drinks and here what I've able to capture haha.. first, I pick strawberry juice (Rp25,000) for myself.. it was fresh juice but tasted too sweet for me.. well, as you can probably tell, I'm not a sweet tooth head and I forgot to request for less sugar.. can't blame themsince we have different standard for sweetness level.. other bloggers ordered es merah delima, es jeruk nyiur, es selasih fantasi spesial and es avocado mocha (each Rp25,000).. you can tell that this restaurant offers various kind of Indonesian traditional drinks.. a lot of choices, really..

for our appetizers, we have tahu kipas udang laguna (Rp32,000 per 4 pieces) and risoles (Rp24,000 per 3 pieces).. let me tell you that I'm a big fan of tahu kipas or deep fried stuffed tofu.. and this one is no different.. it was really delicious and appetizing.. the tofu was crunchy outside and the fillings was quite generous.. the risoles was also a nice and welcoming appetizer.. the ragout was perfect with a hint of sweet and vegetables.. I love both appetizers.. 

next served is salad borneo (Rp38,000).. it was cucumber salad with sweet mayonnaise topped with sweet chicken and served with potato chips.. I'm not a fan of cucumber but I did taste it a bit.. it tasted a little sweet but very refreshing.. I love the chips, by the way..

it may not look like one but it was tahu telor (Rp28,000).. this dish is one of my all-time favorite Indonesian cuisine.. it's fried tofu in egg topped with beansprout and petis sauce.. this one is no exception.. the dish is served warm and I can still taste crunchiness of the egg wrapping the tofu.. the sauce is not overly sweet.. another plus point, lots of crackers :D 

our first soup dish was asem-asem iga sari kuring (Rp55,000).. it is said to be one of the best seller of this restaurant and unsurprisingly, tasted really nice.. a small fire pot underneath to ensure that the soup kept warm during our eating time is definitely a good idea.. the ribs were very tender and the soup was tasty.. it was refreshing for me to eat a clear soup dish.. 

our second soup dish is sop kikil pandan village (Rp45,000).. it was ox feet cooked in beef broth and special herbs soup.. the ox fee was very tender which I truly love about this dish.. the sou was quite clear with a hint of turmeric taste.. 

next to be served is ayam bumbu rujak (Rp35,000).. it was Javanese style of sauteed chicken with red chili.. it's a bit too sweet for my tongue and I can't find the red chili which was supposed to be there.. 

sambal goreng tongkol manalagi (Rp45,000) or long-tail tuna cooked in red coconut milk is definitely the star of the night.. it was very tasty and a little bit spicy, which was a perfect taste for my tongue.. eat this with a hot rice and you'll definitely have a happy tummy :)

another choice of fish menu is gureme bakar nusa penida (Rp65,000) which was baked gurame in sweet-spicy sauce.. the sauce was tasty, but unfortunately my table's fish was not too fresh, I supposed.. very unlucky for us :(

next we were served with two types of satay, sate ayam pandan wangi (Rp38,000 per 5 pieces) and sate ayam suroboyo (Rp35,000 per 6 pieces).. the difference between those two menu is sate ayam suroboyo is served with peanut sauce while sate ayam pandan wangi has been seasoned before grilled.. I personally like  sate ayam suroboyo better.. what can I say? I love peanut sauce haha.. 

our kind host didn't allow us go home empty-handed, so he gave us each a FG Resto member card valid for 10% discount in all FG restaurants.. it was really thoughtful of him.. overall, I had a great night.. meeting fellow bloggers and experience new food.. a well-spent Saturday night :)

thanks a lot Pandan Village and FG Resto..

Pandan Village
Plaza Indonesia 3rd Floor No. 118 B
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Ph.: 6221 2992 3603
Fax: 6221 2992 3604

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