Dec 23, 2011

Bakmie Aloi

I'm a sucker for noodles.. I don't know why but I always love noodles.. any kind of it.. you name it, thin noodles, curly noodles, la mian, or even the Italian version of noodle (pasta).. haha.. my neighborhood has developed to a culinary heaven.. really, a lot of new restaurants opened like mushrooms.. one of those many is Bakmie Aloi.. it's a noodle chain restaurant originated from Palembang.. in Jakarta, they have previously opened their branch in Grogol, Kelapa Gading and PIK (CMIIW).. 

it was located right next to the famous Bakmie Alok.. I came here to have breakfast with my mom.. it was not too crowded that morning, luckily.. the restaurant layout is very simple yet clean and neat.. looking at their menu, we decided to share a portion of complete noodle (bakmi komplit - Rp24,000).. it consisted of Palembang's thin noodle topped with chicken, minced pork, chasiu pork, mushrooms and celery.. actually, you can choose your noodle between the thin one or the wide one.. our noodle was accompanied with a bowl of chicken broth filled with caisim.. 

before eating, I usually pour a lot of lime juice and chili sauce.. I'm a chili addict, by the way.. the lime juice was very refreshing.. and the noodle, it was great.. if it's pasta, then I'll call it al dente.. it was chewy and not overcooked.. accompanied with those toppings and I'm happy.. just like that.. it was one delicious plate of noodle.. even by writing those post, I wished I could go there again tomorrow haha..

though the price was quite expensive for a portion of noodle.. I believed that it was worth every Rupiah I spent.. the toppings were generous, the portion was huge and most of all, it was delicious.. I heart you :)

Bakmie Aloi
Jl. Mangga 2 No. 42
Green Ville, Kepa Duri
West Jakarta
Ph.: 6221 - 565 6880


  1. omg!!! sejak kapan bakmi aloi buka di grenvil? disebelah mananya?
    bakto tahunya enak loh

  2. right next to bakmi alok doonkkk.. di jalan Mangga.. jadi persaingan mie gitu deh disana.. u should try :D the place is very clean and cozy..



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