Dec 18, 2011

Monolog Quality Coffee Co.

another new place in town.. well, it's been a while but I haven't had the chance to write any review about it.. sorry, been quite busy lately.. it's Monolog Quality Coffee Co... located in Plaza Senayan right in front of De Luca.. this place has such a warm and welcoming ambiance.. dominated in a wooden furniture, this place really spoil me to spend hours there.. it's actually my current favorite hang out place.. the atmosphere was very relaxing and though it was crowded, I always managed to get a table without having to wait.. 

my first visit was around a month ago.. I remembered it was Saturday and I have to work overtime at office.. I finished working around 9 p.m and my best friend came to pick me up.. we ended up hanging out at this place to boost my ruined mood haha.. since it was quite late, we only order drinks.. I picked hot cappuccino (Rp26,000) while he picked thai iced tea (Rp28,000).. my cappuccino was very cute as it was heart-shaped.. it tasted nice especially after I add the brown sugar.. lately, it became my habit to mix my coffee with brown sugar.. it brought such a unique flavor and I love it.. unfortunately, his thai iced tea was very sweet that he didn't even bother to finish it.. 

when we placed our orders, we were advised that there's a 50% discount for pastries, since it was above 8 p.m.. of course a 50% discount is too good to be passed.. we ended up add raisin pastry (Rp8,000 after discount) to accompany our talks.. it was warm and crunchy.. a very good deal, really.. its sweetness is just right for my tongue and I really like it..

a week ago, I went back to Monolog with the very same person for another chat.. it's been a tough year for us, apparently haha.. I ordered hot latte (Rp28,000) and it came just as cute as cappuccino.. as usual, I add the brown sugar and it tasted really good.. I like latte better than the cappuccino.. with such a cute appearance, I almost didn't want to stir my drink haha.. overall, I always enjoy my time at Monolog.. the coffee was good, the waiters are very kind and helpful.. the ambiance is the best.. and during my last visit, the alley between Monolog and De Luca is decorated to welcome Christmas which I love so much..

Monolog Quality Coffee Co.
Plaza Senayan CP 101B Palm Gate
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
Ph.: 6221 - 57

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