Jan 29, 2012

Pesto Autentico

Pesto Autentico is a quite popular Italian eatery in Jakarta.. located in the strategic Thamrin Nine building, Central Jakarta.. I have been willing to try this restaurant since a while ago, but have no chance until I found the deal from disdus.. oh how I love discounted food :) I have made my reservation for a lunch on 31st of December 2011.. I know it's been like a month ago, but please do forgive me, I have loads of work to do.. once we arrived, I was amazed by the beautiful indoor.. high ceilings with very neat arranged dining table.. I directly fell in love with this place.. 

upon arrival, we were given the free bread.. typical Italian restaurant, which makes me even more in love with Italian food.. the bread was soft and warm.. I usually add a little balsamic vinegar and olive oil to make it a nice appetizers.. 

it was one hot afternoon and looking at the drink menu, I was attracted to have pesto signature tea (Rp35,000) while my brother picked the usual iced cappucinno (Rp35,000).. pesto signature tea was such a perfect choice.. it was cold and refreshing with mixed fruits in it.. I love it so much.. my bro's ice cappucinno was just okay, I mean, nothing could go wrong with cappucinno..

to start our meal, my bro wanted to have salad, and to be safe, we picked the usual caesar salad (Rp43,000).. to our surprise, it came in a really small portion.. I was expecting some more for such price.. a few romaine lettuce leaves, boiled egg, bread crumbs, bacon bits topped with cheese and mixed with caesar dressing.. it tasted good, but I was disappointed with the portion..

the disdus voucher allowed us to have one pizza, one pasta and one salad/dessert.. there are several type of pizzas that we can choose and we decided to have rustica pizza (Rp59,000).. a combination of tomato sauce, mozzarella, cooked ham and mushrooms.. the pizza crust was thin and crunchy while the toppings were generous.. I always like this kind of thin crust pizza and I can't complain about the toppings.. it was a nice pizza, but not extraordinarily great..

for pasta, we were allowed to pick any type under Rp100k.. this time, my bro made his choice of fettucinne alla pescatora (Rp85,000).. home-made pasta served with béchamel sauce, shrimps and squids.. I believed it was my first time eating fresh pasta and I'm loving it.. moreover, the pasta was al dente.. my tongue really like what it tasted.. combined with the light white sauce which was just perfect combined with the generous shrimps and squids.. I was definitely in love with the pasta..

to complete our lunch, we asked for our pannacotta (Rp40,000).. an Italian dessert made from mixing cream, milk and sugar with gelantine.. it was my first time trying it and I love it.. the texture was very soft and gooey.. I can taste a little rum in it and when mixed with chocolate sauce, I've just found a joy for my tongue..

overall, I had a great lunch at Pesto Autentico.. the service was satisfying.. the atmosphere, ambiance and interior was top-notch.. the pasta was great.. I love this place and I love disdus for having the voucher :)

Pesto Autentico
Thamrin Nine UG Floor
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 10
Ph.: 6221 299 37230


  1. Yay, long live food vouchers! We bloggers just love them, no? hehe. I'm not a big fan of seafood, but the fettucinne alla pescatora you had looks darn tempting! >,<

  2. oh wow they look nice!! wanna try to eat there sometime. nice blog, followed!




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