Jan 24, 2012

Siam Garden

it was a lunch date with my very best friend.. lately, we have a lot of things to share that we always find a way to meet.. thanks a lot for accompanying me yaa :) it was almost new year, and we wanted to have a small talk over lunch.. looking around our neighborhood turn into a restaurant alley, we decided to have some thai cuisine and when he mentioned Siam Garden, I basically just agreed.. it was located in home/office lane in Green Garden area.. not too crowded when we arrived, just the way we like, so we can have a chat without being disturbed by noisy crowd.. 

Thai Iced Tea (Rp15,000) - Thai Iced Coffee (Rp15,000)

he picked Thai Ice Tea (Rp15,000) and I picked Thai Ice Coffee (Rp15,000).. both tasted nice and not overly sweet.. it was milky and I just love them :) for me, the minus point was it was such a small portion haha.. me want more of those..

asparagus with dried shrimps (Rp55,000)
Tom Yam Kai (Rp42,000)
Chicken in Pandan Leaves (Rp40,000)
Pad Thai (Rp36,000)

yes, there was just the two of us, but we somehow ordered so many menus haha.. apparently we're just too greedy.. first to come is asparagus with dried shrimps which tasted really nice.. the asparagus was nicely cooked, tasted crunchy and went really well with the shrimp paste and dried shrimps.. the tom yam kai was another great choice, we picked chicken as our meat.. the tom yum soup tasted sourly refreshing and the fillings was very generous.. I love the cilantro leaves inside.. yum yum..

another must-order food in a Thai restaurant is fried chicken wrapped in pandan leaves.. the chicken was tender but it wasn't well-seasoned, in my opinion.. it was just okay.. lastly, we had pad thai.. it came in a huge portion with generous fillings and tasted really nice.. I have always been a fan of pad thai and this one was no exception.. I love it..

overall, I had a great dining experience at Siam Garden.. good food, nice service combined with a cozy atmosphere shared with best friend was such a perfect day for me :)

Siam Garden
Ruko Green Garden ZII/32
West Jakarta 
Ph.: 6221 581 4085

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