Jan 18, 2012

[Revisit] Sushi Tei

it's my favorite sushi place ever! the classic yet always satisfying Sushi Tei.. this post will be filled with lots of pictures as this was a combination from countless visits haha.. do enjoy :)

inari sushi (Rp8,500) - chuka kurage (Rp24,000)
sanshoku hana salmon (Rp29,000) - chuka wakame (Rp24,000)

wakame salad (Rp29,000) 

salmon crispy aburi (Rp29,000)

crispy roll (Rp24,000)

hotate misomayo (Rp29,000)

jumbo dragon roll (Rp75,000)

royal soft shell crab roll (Rp38,000)

shiratama maccha (Rp28,000)

gyu yanagawa + tuna salad crispy mentai (Rp88,000) using Disdus voucher

Sushi Tei
Senayan City Level 4 #08
Central P
ark Level 1 Unit 113

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