Jan 13, 2012

Paulaner Bräuhaus

girlfriends time!!! it was December 29, 2011 and I have a date with my 3 girlfriends.. we wanted to have dinner in style then continue to enjoy Jakarta's night life.. actually, I don't know whether having dinner at Paulaner Bräuhaus should be considered fancy or stylish.. but whatever, I don't even care haha.. joining us were our two male friends so it was a party of six.. a friend of mine had made a reservation so we have our table directly after we arrived.. it was Thursday night and the place was full but not too crowded.. anyway, I like the uniforms of the waiters and waitresses which really made me feel like in Germany.. no, I haven't been there, just to describe how much I like it :P

located in East Mall of Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, the restaurant is quite large, dominated in wooden furniture and dimmed light.. I love the atmosphere here, it was cozy, relaxing and comfortable.. they even have a live band that night with jazz songs.. lucky for us, on Thursday, Paulaner Bräuhaus have a promotion of Lady's Night where girls can order food with free drinks.. YAY to free stuffs haha.. those are the plus points which officially make me a fan of Paulaner Bräuhaus.. 

Lychee Mint Elixir - Love Potion No. 9
as a part of the Thursday promotion, we are given two free drinks for any platter ordered.. so we picked Lychee Mint Elixir (Rp81,818) and Love Potion No. 9 (Rp81,818).. our lychee mint elixir tasted just like a cherry cough syrup haha.. none of us like it.. it has this bitter-sweet weird taste.. on the other hand, love potion no. 9  is simply my favorite.. it has a little sweet and sour hint, which was very refreshing, with just a little alcohol.. I have to say I don't drink alcohol.. not that I'm against it, it just they don't fit my taste buds..

De Bortolli Sacred Hill Cabernet Merlot
a friend of mine has decided to not drink any alcohol other than wine, so she asked whether we wanted to share a bottle, since the price of one glass was just ridiculous.. all of us agreed, including me, since I haven't tried wine before.. yes, I'm that girl next door who don't drink alcohol and have never tried wine haha.. looking at the wine menu, she decided to pick De Bortolli Sacred Hill Cabernet Merlot (Rp650,000 per bottle or Rp180,000 per glass).. it's a red wine type and just as I expected, I don't like it haha.. it's a little sourish bitter and tasted really warm in my throat.. as most of us were new to wine, my friend gave a "Wine 101" class that night when I learn about how to hold a wine glass and how to drink wine properly haha.. thank you :)

Knusprige Schweinshaxe mit Sauerkraut, Serviettenknödel und Bratensoss

first dish to arrive is schweinshaxe or crispy pork knuckle (Rp220,000) served with sauerkraut, bread dumplings and gravy ordered by one of our male friend.. and it was HUGE.. I have never seen such a huge pork knuckle.. it was roasted until the skin was very crunchy while the meat inside was very tender.. let me tell you that it was really delicious.. not surprising since this dish is one of the best Germany dish.. I know the huge amount of fat going in my body while tasting it, but it was just irresistible.. I LOVE IT..

Paulaner Platter
Kassler, eine Thüringer, Leberkäse, Wiener Würstchen,
Stück Nürnberger und Schweinshaxe mit Sauerkraut und Kartoffelpür
as for the four girls, we decided to share Paulaner Platter (Rp250,000) consisted of smoked pork chop, three types of sausages (Thueringer, Vienna and Nuremberger), meatloaf and crispy pork knuckle served with sauerkraut and mashed potato.. as you can all guess, I love those meaty, fatty porks meat haha.. my favorite other than the pork knuckle, would be the sausage but I'm not quite sure which one is which.. the mashed potato has a very mushy texture with a hint of sweetness, and the sauerkraut was just too sour for me.. 

Thüringer Bratwürste mit Sauerkraut
the latest dish to arrive was  gegrillte Thüringer Bratwürste mit Sauerkraut or grilled Thueringer sausage served with sauerkraut (Rp90,000).. it finally arrived after all of us had finished our dinner and made complains.. Thueringer sausages was made of fine minced pork blended with other ingredients then filled into pork intestine.. well, tasted just as good as the ones in our paulaner platter only took a lot longer to arrive.. 

overall, I had a great night at Paulaner Bräuhaus.. a lot of laughter and stories were shared.. great food, great atmosphere and great friends.. what could be better?

Paulaner Bräuhaus
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
Ground Level East Mall
Jl. M.H Thamrin No. 1
Central Jakarta
Ph.: 6221 2358 3871


  1. If i remember correctly, Paulaner even have bule as the restaurant crews, right? Very committed to bring the European atmosphere =)

  2. really? i didn't notice siihh.. next time harus kesana lagi deh :P *alesan

  3. i'd really like to try the pork knuckles, looks so mouth-watering..

    anyway, you've got such a nice blog. like your posting chubby :)




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