Jan 12, 2012

QQ Kopitiam

another kopitiam post.. this business is surely growing like mushrooms in Jakarta.. this time I visit QQ Kopitiam located in Plaza Indonesia.. it was decorated nicely in an old Chinese style with wooden chairs and marble tables.. I love their table number, by the way.. I have heard about this place for a while and I heard they serve good food and drinks with affordable price.. I guessed, that's the main reason it was very packed during lunch hour..

as my brother is back in town, there were three of us hanging out.. my mom, as usual, go with her hot coffee choice and she decided to have hot kopi tarik (Rp15,000) while I picked iced kopi tarik (Rp17,000).. my brother decided to have yin yang peng (Rp17,000) which was a combination of tea and coffee with milk.. first impression, the coffee smells really good.. and they taste just as good as they smell.. I love my coffee so much.. a good composition of coffee, cream and sugar.. my mom and brother also love their drinks.. thumbs up :)

it was lunch time and I was really hungry.. the food menu was not too various.. the choices were only between noodles, vermicelli, rice noodles or rice dishes.. I decided to have mie kangkung terasi (Rp28,000).. it didn't take long for it to come out and it came in a sizzling hot stone pot.. noodle and water spinach cooked in terasi and egg broth complimented with squids and shrimps.. the portion was not too big, which was just perfect for my stomach.. so how did it taste? well, it was very tasty and delicious.. I love everything about this dish, actually.. me want more..

my mom picked horfun daging kepiting (Rp28,000).. it was rice noodle cooked in thick egg and crab meat broth then served with shrimps and fish balls.. it  also came in a hot stone pot but unlike my noodle, this one didn't look too appetizing.. it tasted quite good but a little too bland for my tongue.. it was just an okay dish, in my opinion..

overall, I think I had a great experience eating here.. good food, great coffee and affordable price.. it's kinda hard to find such a price for food in Plaza Indonesia.. I will definitely come back for more..

QQ Kopitiam
Plaza Indonesia 4th Fl. #E03-03A
Jl. M.H Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Central Jakarta
Ph.: 6221 2992 3699

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