Feb 26, 2012

Cimory & Laksa Bogor

if you ask me what my choice of getaway near Jakarta.. I would definitely answer Bogor.. it's been a while since I went there, though.. so a few weeks ago, I took a one-day leave from office and take the ride with my mom to Bogor.. we planned to stop by to Cimory which was located on your way to reach Puncak from Bogor.. it was easily noticed on the left side of the road with the big cow statue.. I have heard about this place and was very eager to try.. 

as we walked in, I noticed it was a garden restaurant.. they separated the restaurant and a store selling milk and snacks.. you can even find a playground here.. I believe it was a perfect place for family.. one thing I love most was that in every corner you can find a touch of cow.. it was really cute.. 

well.. back to business.. Cimory offers various dishes, from Indonesian, eastern food to western food.. most of the main ingredients are self-produced by one of their subsidiaries.. I was in the mood for Indonesian food, therefore I ordered Fried Oxtail Soup (Rp39,500) while my mom picked German Bratwurst (Rp34,000)..

my oxtail soup was amazing.. it was really delicious.. the soup was tasty while the oxtail was very tender.. even the chili sauce did not disappoint me.. it was very hot though at first, I underestimated it haha.. mom's dish came in a huge portion.. a very long German sausage accompanied with fresh (not frozen) vegetables and fried potato.. the sausage was crunchy outside and tender inside.. but somehow it tasted a little boring after a while.. but I was quite satisfied with both dishes.. for drinks, I picked Cimory Coffee Milk (Rp6,900).. you can have your milk cold or ask the waiter to heat it up.. I prefer cold milk and it tasted really nice.. not too sweet and not tasteless.. a good companion for the meal :)

once we finished our lunch, we headed directly to Bogor.. dropping by at factory outlets and buy ourselves some Bogor special cuisine.. after a while, we got quite tired and a little hungry.. luckily my mom remembered a spot selling laksa bogor.. since I haven't tried it before, I agreed right away.. since it was around 3p.m, we decided to share a portion (Rp10,000).. it was a bowl of vermicelli, bean sprout, yellow tofu, basil leaves and oncom accompanied with crackers.. it tasted really good.. four thumbs up.. it was very refreshing, a little chili made it even better.. we ended up bought another portion taken away.. 

overall, I had a great time visiting Bogor.. a relaxing and refreshing day, really.. nice, clean weather away from my busy and hectic life.. gonna make this trip a habit :D

Cimory Restaurant
Jl. Raya Puncak No. 435 Km. 77
Cisarua, Bogor
Ph.: 62251 825 7888
Fax: 62251 825 3288

Laksa Bogor Ibu Lily
Jl. Surya Kencana No. 277

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