Mar 2, 2012

Union | Brasserie, Bakery & Bar

finally.. I had the chance to try the busiest eatery in Jakarta called Union.. actually, I had my birthday in February and my best friend had promised take me here to try the famous red velvet cake.. turns out that he's a man of his words by fulfilling his promise.. he even made a reservation for Saturday lunch on Wednesday! haha.. such an effort, I really appreciate it.. thank you so much.. 

so that Saturday afternoon, the traffic was quite horrible and when we arrived, the place was already very crowded.. and to my disappointment, although we have made the reservation, we still have to wait for our table.. imagine if you come without making any reservation.. once we were seated, I directly go through the menu.. the menu offered is very various.. our friend has recommended us what to order so I went to the beverages menu directly.. to brighten up my Saturday, I decided to have caramel macchiato (Rp25,000).. for food, we share classic oxtail soup (Rp70,000) and chicken noodle with foie gras (Rp75,000) then ended our lunch with a slice of red velvet cake (Rp50,000)..

caramel macchiato
chicken noodle with foie gras
classic oxtail soup

first of all, I love my caramel macchiato so much.. it was creamy and not overly sweet.. our lunch came not long after we ordered, which a plus point after having to wait for a reserved table.. some of you might wonder why we picked those dishes, instead of the safe Western brunch menu.. it was because I was told that Union's best dishes is their Asian dishes.. so let's find out..

when the chicken noodle arrived, I thought it was just an ordinary bowl of noodle in such a small portion remembering the price.. but turns out that the portion was quite fulfilling and this dish was actually very delicious.. I love the noodle texture and the seasoning.. it's actually my first time trying foie gras and it was delicious, the star of the dish.. the classic oxtail soup came in a huge bowl accompanied with a portion of warm rice.. the oxtail was very tender and the soup was rich in flavor.. unfortunately, the carrots were under-cooked.. 

red velvet cake

lastly, the star of our lunch.. the cake that has been mentioned in every food blog, I supposed.. I have been dying to try this cake worth of Rp50,000/slice.. I mean, what kind of cake could be that expensive? well, when it arrived on our table, I was directly tempted.. bright red cake layers with vanilla frosting and peanut-sugar crumbs.. one bite of it and I was definitely in love.. the cake was moist, which I love the most.. vanilla frosting and peanut-sugar crumbs were just a match made in heaven.. I guessed, it was not overrated, this cake.. I love every bite of it.. oh, be very careful, it is addictive..

Union | Brasserie, Bakery & Bar
Plaza Senayan Courtyard - Ground Floor
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
South Jakarta
Ph.: 6221 5790 5861-62

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