Mar 24, 2012

Seorak Chueotang - Restoran Bumbu Satu

I have always been a fan of Korean food since my first try.. a few weeks ago, my friend and I decided to hunt for Korean food around Senopati area since it was quite popular having a lot of authentic Korean food.. we actually intended to try Tobak, which was recommended by my office mate, but found it was packed and we should have made a reservation before.. it was Saturday night and no wonder, almost all Korean restaurants were full with cars parked.. it seemed like there's no hope for us.. until we found this not so crowded restaurant, Seorak Chueotang or Restoran Bumbu Satu.. I don't really understand their name, but our hungry stomach made us decide to try..

once we entered the restaurant, I felt a homey feeling right away.. I guessed it was a house turned to restaurant.. it was quite full despite the empty parking lot.. most of the customers were native Korean.. we were greeted and guided to our table at the corner of the restaurant.. a very private one I must say, one plus point..

the restaurant was very clean and cozy.. not too crowded, which made me liking it a little more.. as soon as we were seated, we were given the menu.. not too various menu were available but covered all Korean famous dishes.. this restaurant offers free of charge and free-refill drinks.. so we had this one big bottle of cold ocha on our table and I practically drank like a camel.. 
why do I fell in love with Korean food? well, one of the main reason is their banchan, that is the free appetizers.. this restaurant was so generous by giving us 9 types of banchan.. I can't even recognized them one by one.. our banchan included Korean salad (very refreshing dressing), japchae (very delicious!), fried fish, kimchi, edamame beans and oysters.. I have each a bite of every banchan to prepare my stomach for the upcoming main courses.. 

yangnyeom so galbi

first, we decided to try gui or Korean grilled dishes.. this one was called yangnyeom so galbi (Rp200,000).. galbi is one of the most famous gui which    was marinated short ribs, either pork or beef.. so galbi literally meant marinated short beef ribs.. we prefer the meat to be grilled in the kitchen, since I was quite sure I can't cook well haha.. galbi is always accompanied with a plate of leafy vegetables, chopped fresh garlic and green chili.. the knowledge I got from watching K-drama is the way to have your galbi.. first, take a sheet of lettuce, put the grilled galbi on top of it along with chopped garlic and green chili if you like, add a little chili paste (called ssamjang) then wrap and eat.. it was really delicious.. the ribs was very tender and juicy.. it was cooked perfectly.. I loved it.. but then I remembered the price we need to pay, it was probably worth it haha..  

nakji bibimbap
to accompany our juicy meat, we also had nakji bibimbap (Rp80,000) to share.. bibimbap is a signature Korean dish and had been very famous in Jakarta, specifically.. the term bibimbap itself, means mixed rice.. a bowl of warm rice topped with octopus, gochujang (chili paste), bean sprout, lettuce and nori.. like its name, we need to stir the whole bowl thoroughly before eating.. in my opinion, it was delicious.. the octopus were tender and gochujang paste was quite spicy.. I love the way the whole bowl mixed and completed each other.. I'm drooling as I'm writing this post haha..

overall, though I wasn't really sure while entering this restaurant.. it actually brought a new and nice experience of eating Korean dishes.. clean and cozy restaurant.. great service.. oh, and you can even find free new toothbrushes, mouthwash and tooth paste in the toilet to ensure that after eating galbi along with the fresh garlic, you can have your fresh mouth right away.. such a caring restaurant, I must say.. I enjoy my time there :)

Seorak Chueotang - Restoran Bumbu Satu
Jl. Senopati Raya No. 74A
Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta
Ph.: +6221 722 1852/+6221 722 7305

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