Apr 14, 2012


it was Friday night out with my favorite girls, college friends.. we shared  almost everything for three hard college years.. the girls I am forever thankful for :) so, it has been a while since we actually met.. that's why our Friday supper was such an oasis in the middle of dessert *lebay*.. our meeting point was Canteen in Plaza Indonesia since it was within reachable distance from each of our offices..

located in the 5th floor of Plaza Indonesia, Canteen, brought by (ak.sa.ra), offers a casual eatery with wooden furniture, dimmed lights and slow music.. it was quite crowded but luckily we have made our reservation.. so there we were, five girls.. you bet we had lots of talking, sharing and laughing.. I totally had a great night.. and as usual, food were shared.. as we were quite hungry, we kinda ordered a little too much than we should have haha.. nachos (Rp40,000), beef bourguignon (Rp85,000), marinated pork ribs (Rp120,000) and lasagna bolognaise (Rp55,000).. while for drinks, each of us have a glass of lychee iced tea (Rp35,000)..

our nachos came first.. tortilla chips with melted cheese accompanied with tomato salsa and guacamole.. the nachos was crunchy and served warm.. I remembered we finished it in such a short time haha.. hungry girls.. then our beef bourguignon arrived, beef stew and sauteed mushrooms with parpadelle pasta, cheese and some veggies.. it was recommended by our waiter and not disappointing at all.. the dish was very delicious.. the broth was very tasty, the beef was very tender and I love those mushrooms.. it was a complete satisfying dish, really.. next to come was marinated pork ribs, half slab of marinated pork ribs accompanied with french fries, salad and pickles.. I love their french fries, which was home-made and fatty haha.. the pork ribs was very tender and easily separated from the bones.. lastly, we have our lasagna bolognaise.. layers of pasta and minced beef in bolognaise sauce.. the portion was huge and it was tasty as well.. I guessed it was their pasta dishes that I  love the most.. I had a great night with friends, along with a great atmosphere and service from Canteen in Plaza Indonesia..

not so long after the great dinner, my manager decided to treat me after a little help I gave him and since he was craving for Canteen, it was our lunch destination.. we actually planned to visit Plaza Indonesia's branch, but our cab driver told us the traffic in Thamrin was horrible.. so we switched our destination to Pacific Place.. Canteen in Pacific Place, unlike their Plaza Indonesia's branch, was not too spacious.. similarly, decorated in wooden furniture and located right in front of (ak.sa.ra), it was actually a really good spot to see people passing by.. *stalker mode: on*

this time we went for a main course section.. I picked crispy chicken roll ratatouille (Rp65,000) and lychee iced tea (Rp35,000).. my lunch was breaded chicken breast stuffed with mushroom on top of mashed potato served with some greens and mushroom gravy.. I really love it.. the chicken was deep fried which made it crunchy outside and tender inside.. the best part of the dish would be the mushroom stuffing.. it was very tasty and was the heart of the dish.. moreover, their mashed potato was soft and silky.. it was such a hearty lunch.. my lunch-mate picked duck confit (Rp95,000) and mineral water.. a tasty duck leg on top of mashed potato and some greens.. I did try a bite of the duck leg and it was indeed very tender and tasty.. yummy.. one minus thing I noted from Pacific Place branch was that only one waiter available to handle all the orders from customers, serving the ready meals and taking care of the bills.. there was actually another waiter, but I only saw her once serving the meals.. no wonder, it took like forever for our bill to arrive.. 

overall, I had a satisfying eating experience in Canteen.. both in their Plaza Indonesia and Pacific Place branch.. nicely decorated eatery creating a cozy ambiance, good food and most of all, great companions.. 

Plaza Indonesia Extension 5th Flor #E02
  Jl. M Thamrin Kav 28-30
  Jakarta 10350
  Ph.: 6221 315 6537
Pacific Place 4th floor
  Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52 - 53
  Jakarta 12190

  Ph.: 6221 5797 3742

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