Apr 10, 2012


lunch break during packed office hours is like a one-hour getaway for me.. blame it to the tight deadlines and loads of to-do list.. a few weeks ago, my friend who is currently working in Singapore made a short visit home to Jakarta.. as we have another tight schedule on weekends, we decided to meet during lunch time.. so around 11.45 a.m I went out from the office, look for a cab and directly heading to Plaza Indonesia where we'll meet with some other friends.. Kitchenette was my destination.. located strategically with a nice atmosphere, we just can't pass this restaurant without turning our heads..

so after knowing I will be having lunch at Kitchenette, I asked for recommendation from my office-mate who is a fan.. for drinks, he suggested grandma stella's fresh lychee elixirs (Rp35,000) which I obeyed haha.. it was iced tea mixed with lychee syrup and fresh lychee.. it was really nice and refreshing especially during Jakarta's hottest hours.. no wonder it was a favorite.. 

as for the food, we decided to share their well-known nachosgalletes and crepes.. we just didn't wanna miss all the good stuffs haha.. so we have nacho style crispy potato chips with chili beans (Rp49,000), gusteau (Rp59,000) and edouard galletes (Rp69,000) then ended with abigail crepes (Rp45,000).. such a full set of lunch meal..

first to come is our appetizer, a plate of crispy potato chips topped with chili beans, cheddar cheese and chopped jalapeno.. I have to say that the nacho style crispy potato chips was really good.. I love the chili beans so much combined with the crunchy potato chips.. yummy.. a friend of mine complained about the small portion, though.. then kept tasting and noting, promising that the dish was quite simple and can easily be made at home haha..

then come gusteau galletes which consisted of mozarella cheese, rosemary, bacon and roasted potatoes (available option between pork or turkey) and we had pork.. along with edouard galletes,  sauteed mushrooms, ham, mozarella cheese and garlic mayo with greens.. gallete is French crêperies to savory buckwheat flour thin pancakes.. Kitchenette's gallete was soft and tasty.. as for the toppings, I prefer edouard to gusteau.. I love their sauteed mushrooms and some greens definitely brought up the freshness in the dish.. gusteau was just okay for me..

the best thing to complete our meal is the arrival of abigail crepes, peach melba topped with caramelized almonds, cocoa powder, whipped cream and vanilla ice cream.. their crepes was really soft.. combined with peach and the vanilla ice cream and I felt instantly happy haha..

overall, I think Kitchenette offers a variety of food which has not been common in Jakarta.. actually, the food was not too outstanding and a bit pricey.. but this eatery offers a homey and comfortable feeling with the nicely decorated eatery.. 

Plaza Indonesia Extension 1st Fl.
Jl. M.H Thamrin Kav. 23-30
Jakarta 10310
Ph.: 6221 2992 3580


  1. nice recommendation...
    i want to try their red velvet cupcake :)


    Vebbi :)

    1. they offer red velvet cupcake?? really?? hahaha.. I just knew.. will try it next time :D

      thanks for the info :)

  2. yes they have, last thursday i went there... but their red velvet cupcake just Sold out.. so i tried whoopie pie red velvet... that's so yummy ;p



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