Apr 8, 2012

Ten Ten

another Japanese restaurant in Jakarta, Ten Ten focused on tempura.. located in the basement level of Plaza Indonesia, Ten Ten is dominated with wooden furniture, creating a Japanese home atmosphere.. it was my mom and I regular Sunday lunch and the place was not too crowded when we arrived.. not long after we were seated, this place soon became packed with people.. lucky for us, I guessed.. I noted that Ten Ten pays a lot of attention to details, including the cute rabbit table number, nice menu book and cute characters on our table mat.. 

I decided to have their beef teriyaki tempura set (Rp50,000).. their tempura set is available in choices of beef teriyaki, chicken teriyaki, chicken karaage, ebi yose or fish katsu.. while my mom picked spicy tempura udon (Rp50,000).. for drinks, we both had hot ocha (Rp10,000)..

my tempura set consisted of beef teriyaki, mini tempura (fried black tiger prawn and vegetables), salad, miso shiru and rice.. it was such a huge portion for me.. to be honest, the beef teriyaki was just okay, nothing was really special.. while their tempura was really good with crunchy batter.. my mom's tempura udon was better than mine.. the udon was cooked well, a little chewy with spicy broth.. the tempura of course, was great.. 

looking for something sweet to end our lunch, a glass of macha parfait (Rp20,000) was our choice.. a tall glass filled with green tea jelly, vanilla ice cream, corn flakes, red bean paste and green tea ice cream.. it was very refreshing and not overly sweet.. we dug in until the last drop haha..

I would have to pay Rp140,000 plus tax if I didn't have this Disdus voucher haha.. so I actually spent Rp63,000 on food and Rp20,000 plus tax for our ocha.. I would say it was worth every Rupiah spent.. thank you Disdus :)

Ten Ten
Plaza Indonesia
Level Basement, Unit 16-17
Jl. MH Thamrin no. 1
Central Jakarta
Ph.: 6221-2992 3730
Fax: 6221-2992 3731

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