Apr 1, 2012

Ninety Nine

it was dessert time.. another sharing session with my best friend.. an after dinner meeting, so we decided to have cakes to brighten our mood.. we picked Ninety Nine which was newly opened near our houses, in Puri area right on top of Ranch Market.. the place was spacious.. nice decoration and furniture.. it created a homey and very comfortable atmosphere.. due to the huge space, we can enjoy our meal and talk without being disturbed by other tables' conversation.. 

as the hype of red velvet cake is definitely in town.. we decided to have Ninety Nine's style of raspberry red velvet (Rp34,000) and house recommendation triple chocolate cake (Rp34,000).. and although it was quite late, I can't resist to order a cup of hot cafe latte (Rp28,000)..

to be honest, I have to say that Union's red velvet is definitely the best in town.. Ninety Nine's red velvet was a bit too dry for me.. not a moist type of cake.. its appearance was very appetizing though, nice touch of the food art there.. on the other hand, we both found their triple chocolate cake really nice.. not too sweet, a strong taste of cocoa and not dry.. my cafe latte was also nice.. served warm and such a nice companion for the sweets..

overall, I love the ambiance of the place so much.. and I will spare my time to try their main courses.. a good choice to hang out near our house.. :)

Ninety Nine
Jl. Pesanggrahan Raya No.2
Kembangan, West Jakarta
Ph.: 6221 5835 5163 - 6221 5830 4797


  1. IMHO, ninety nine try to make a healthy red velvet cake so the taste is not really good as the union

    1. woooww... I just knew that ninety nine made the healthier version of red velvet.. that explains everything.. I supposed unhealthy food taste better? haha..



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