May 30, 2012

Disneyland Hong Kong

so our last day of holiday was spent at Hong Kong Disneyland.. a full day of going back to your childhood.. Hong Kong Disneyland is divided into five main area: Mainstreet USA, Tomorrowland, Adventureland, Fantasyland and the newly opened Toy Story Land.. so, arriving at Hong Kong Disneyland, I felt excited instantly.. only by looking at that welcoming Mickey Mouse, my heart was thrilled haha.. it's quite easy to amaze me.. by the way, I love my Woody ticket so much.. 
welcome to the world of wonders, the Disneyland
begin your journey here.. leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow & fantasy
our first stop was Adventureland, where we directly headed to the Jungle River Cruise, a classic river voyage of adventure.. one tip when you enter this attraction, pay attention to the alley which leads to the language of your guide.. our friend entered the Cantonese instead of English and had to turn around to the desired language haha.. then, we watched Festival of the Lion King, a theatrical version of the famous Lion King story.. I love the dance and light performance and the songs.. then we took a raft to Tarzan Island and Tarzan's Tree House, which I liked very much.. I love all the details there :)

continuing our journey to the Fantasyland where we decided to watch the 4D show of Mickey's Philhar Magic.. the show was hilarious and great, even my mom loved it :) here you can felt the water sprinkles and smell the fragrance of delicious cakes.. it felt so good going back to the childhood.. we then continue to watch the famous Disney Parade in Mainstreet USA.. it was a really good show, lots of Disney characters right in front of your eyes.. great songs and very friendly staffs.. 

a visit to Space Mountain in Tomorrowland is a must.. it's an indoor roller coaster in the dark where you barely see anything.. so for those who usually close their eyes during a roller-coaster ride, save your energy.. open your eyes widely and you still can't even see a thing haha.. it was a nice ride, though I think Universal Studio Singapore's Revenge of the Mummy is way better haha..

the beautiful tarzan house - 4D show in Mickey's Philhar Magic - Mickey's fountain

we stopped by to have lunch at the Royal Banquet Hall in Fantasyland.. a food court designed in a royal style, so you feel like eating inside of a castle.. I ordered a portion of rice topped with beef and sauteed veggies, while my brother picked the classic fried rice.. the price of the food was quite expensive, I think I spent almost HKD150 for the below food.. the food was not too delicious, all of them were rather tasteless for me.. the veggies was the best dish of the day.. such a disappointing lunch for such price :(
Royal Banquet Hall - a place to eat like a royal family

we spent almost half day going around the Disneyland, trying the interesting attractions, but I do find that attractions in  theme-park are more suitable for children.. so we decided to go to Citygate Outlet, located only to MTR station from Disneyland (around HKD13 per person for one way trip).. in this mall, you can find all branded items' outlet, including Mango, Kate Spade, Burberry, Coach, Nike, Levi's, Giordano and many more.. it's a heaven on earth.. I kept looking around like a child in a toy store hahaha.. 
the MTR from Disneyland resort .. I would love to spend the whole day in that train!

after finishing our shopping time in Citigate Outlet, we decided to return to Disneyland to watch the fireworks.. remember, if you want to go out from Disneyland and return, remind the gate keeper to stamp your hand, otherwise you won't be able to return to the park.. Disneyland at night was magnificent with lots of beautiful lights.. the fireworks was held in the Sleeping Beauty Castle in Fantasyland.. I love it, it was extravagant and just breath-taking.. 
Disneyland at night.. beautiful!


  1. Hwaaa sangat sangat sangat ingin ke Disney lagi... *pengen nge-date bareng sumamih baru* :p
    Eniwei, hai! Baru gak sengaja nemu blog-mu. Bakal sering mampir sepertinya. Hehe.

    1. Hii.. makasih ya uda mampirr.. ayo ke Disney lagii *ngajak* hehehe :)

  2. Thanks uda sharing ceritanya. Saya juga mau ke disneyland hong kong minggu depan. Mau tanya nih, klo saya ke sananya dari jam 3 sampe malem (buat nonton fireworks), cukup ga sih buat muterin main attractions nya? Rencananya saya mau ke lantau island-nya dulu dari pagi sampe siang, abis itu meluncur ke disneyland. Thanks ya :)

    1. Hi Robin.. umm.. kalo mnurut saya sih cukup yaa.. the park was not too big and lebih banyak maenan buat anak2.. but the fireworks was awesome :D

      enak sekali liburannn.. *iri* :) hope u enjoy Disneyland yaaaa

  3. Saya pengen kesana. Belum kesampaian... :(



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