May 30, 2012

Fish&Co. - seafood in a pan

last week, several food bloggers and I got an invitation for a food tasting by Fish&Co. and Disdus (thanks a bunch!).. the event is held in their Plaza Indonesia branch on 6.30 p.m.. I came a little late, since it was after office hour (talking bout work loads here).. as I arrived, there was a long table filled with talking food bloggers community.. it's thrilling seeing all those people sharing the same interest :D 

so off to the food tasting.. arriving first is their big fish drink, the jungle freeze and sharkie freeze (Rp39,000 each).. a huge glass of ice blended drinks enough for four persons and still will make you full haha.. jungle freeze has a hint of lime making it sweet-sour refreshing, which I love.. sharkie freeze, on the other hand, is a little bit too sweet for my liking, though I do like their passion fruit inside but not too much..

jungle freeze - sharkie breeze (Rp39,000 each)
starter platter (Rp99,000)
next to come was starter platter (Rp99,000), a huge platter consisted of crispy nachos, fried calamari, fish nuggets and prawn fritters served with Fish&Co.'s spicy mango vinaigrette, the most lovable tar-tar sauce and tomato salsa.. truly mouthwatering for me.. the nachos was not too crispy, but somehow I just kept eating it.. the tomato salsa was a bit too sweet, I prefer a sour tomato.. all of the seafood fritters were crunchy outside and tender inside, personally, I love the prawns so much.. I found their spicy mango vinaigrette a bit sweet and not my favorite, though other fellow blogger became a fan instantly haha..

the best fish and chips in town (Rp69,000)
seafood platter for two (Rp235,000)

the best fish & chips in town (Rp69,000) and seafood platter for two (Rp235,000) are the night's main courses.. the best fish & chips in town is probably the most recognized dish from Fish&Co., dory fish fillet coated in crispy batter and chips would be so hard to resist, though you're on diet haha.. the fish served to us was huge with lots of fat chips.. I usually add lemon juice just to add some freshness and eat it with their tar-tar sauce.. yum yum.. other than the best fish & chips in townFish&Co. also serves fish & chips around the world, including Singapore, Japanese, Philadelphia, Danish, Indonesia and New York (Rp79,000 each).. unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to try those.. 

their seafood platter for two is designed for sharing (would be for more than two persons I think), so please don't test yourself by trying to eat it on your own, trust me.. a HUGE platter of pan-fried seasonal fish, calamari (I love those calamari so much!), black tiger prawns and mussels in creamy garlic & lemon butter sauce served with "paella" rice and chips.. highlight of the dish would be their "paella" rice, a Mexican herb rice.. it was really good, even without any additional condiments!

hot fudge chocolate cake (Rp35,000)

ice bomber (Rp35,000)

though we were already really full, Fish&Co. still got something sweet to end our dinner.. hot fudge chocolate cake (Rp35,000) and ice bomber (Rp35,000) arrived safely on our table.. the hot fudge chocolate cake is definitely to die for.. it was moist and warm, lots of chocolate melts on top and added with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, it's a heaven on earth haha.. a guilty pleasure but worth every single fat gained.. ice bomber is a mixture of chocolate and cheese cake ice cream with raspberries and topped with peanut crumble and chocolate sauce.. it was really cold but quite nice.. I love the cheese cake ice cream combined with peanut crumble so much that I kept digging in haha..

overall, of course I had a great night.. great food, full tummy and great new friends to share thoughts (thanks to Ruby and Dino for sharing the table and stories).. thank you Fish&Co and Disdus.. love you :D

Plaza Indonesia Entertainment X'nter 1st floor #40
Jl. M.H Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Ph.: 6221 391 7429
Fax: 6221 391 7426


  1. You didn't get the chance to try the other Fish & chips? Well, don't worry the taste of all the Fish & chips are the same, it's only the "topping" that made it different ;) Btw, I didn't know that they also served the best fish & chips in town and the Indonesian fish & chips during that night.

  2. hahaha.. so the taste are pretty much the same? um, I don't know about Indonesian fish&chips, but they do serve the best fish&chips, at least at my table :D

  3. Keren banget sih foto chocolate hot fudge nya. =)

    1. pasti keren karna cherry on top kaaannn? :D thanks for the compliment *blushing*



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