Jun 23, 2012


so last Thursday, I had a meeting with my college friends to arrange and discuss our upcoming holiday.. I was so excited and I just can't wait! haha.. anyway, our meeting point is Grand Indonesia, since its location right in the middle of our offices.. the traffic was quite friendly to me as I arrived around 7p.m just right as our plan.. I always believe that people talk over food, so we looked for some place to have dinner and it's a plus if the eatery also provided wi-fi service, since we were going to do some research over the internet..

going around the mall, my friend suggested Kado++ serving Japanese food.. since I haven't tried it and the restaurant offers free wi-fi, we finally decided to have our dinner here.. the place was quite empty as we arrived.. I found that it was quite cozy and comfortable dominated in wooden furniture, brick walls and sofa at the corner.. okay, so we were quite hungry, which resulted in impulsive orders of kousou panko yaki (Rp45,000), tonkatsu don (Rp58,000) and mix moriawase kushiyaki (Rp95,000).. for drinks, we had one hot regular tea (Rp12,000 - one time refillable) and two glasses of  hot ocha (Rp14,000 each - refillable)..

tonkatsu don is pork katsu over rice accompanied with a bowl of miso soup.. the portion was quite huge and it looked yummy.. the rice was a bit too mild for my liking but I do like the pork katsu.. I tasted some unusual herbs in the mixture of the batter.. the soup was good, I ended up finishing it all by myself, though the tonkatsu don was actually not my order haha.. next, came the kousou panko yaki which was herb pork katsu.. it was marked as recommended and it tasted indeed good beyond expectation.. I love the herbs and the katsu was crunchy outside, tender inside.. eat it along with the black sauce, and it was just perfect match for my mouth.. 

my favorite dish of the night is mix moriawase kushiyaki.. the term kushiyaki is actually quite unfamiliar in my ears since I usually heard the term yakitori.. curious, I found my answer in Wikipedia, it was told that yakitori is commonly Japanese skewered chicken or other skewered food in general, while kushiyaki is a formal term of skewered and grilled poultry and non-poultry items.. okay, so the appearance of the dish, in my opinion, was very pleasing in the eyes.. mix moriawase kushiyaki consisted of seven pieces, including momo (leg meat), tebasaki (chiken wing), gyu karubi (beef belly), gyutan (beef tongue), salmon, ikada (green onion) and ninniku (garlic).. accompanied with some spicy sauce, I found the dish was delightful.. I especially love the tebasaki and gyutan, but the ikada was a nice little compliment :)

overall I had a great time in Kado++.. good food and affordable price in a nice, cozy restaurant.. the prices above are subject to service 5% and tax 10%.. and we got a 20% discount by using BII credit card.. oh how I love discounts!

Grand Indonesia
West Mall Level 3A
Jl. MH Thamrin No.1, Jakarta
Ph.: 6221 235 1871

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